Tehsildar test English Paper has been rescheduled on 7th November 2021. 

Tehsildar today solved paper English Comprehensive and Composition held on 24th October 2021 02:30 Pm Batch 2. Download PPSC past paper of Tehsildar 2021 in Board of Revenue Department Government of Punjab 24-10-2021 evening paper 02:30 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Attacking on reputation any person? Ans Aspersion
  2. To die in harness meaning ? Ans during service
  3. A person who is wealthy and influential is called? Ans Nabob
  4. At Eleventh Hour idiom?  
  5. Atrocity Synonym ? Ans Barbarism
  6. Educe Synonym ? Meaning Bring out or develop (Elicit, Evoke, extort)
  7. Say the word ? Ans Apologize
  8. cacophony Synonym ?Ans Noise, Discord , Harshness 
  9. Ashamed Synonym ? Ans Guilt
  10. Prudent Synonym ? Judicious , Sage, Sane
  11. Abominable Synonym ? Very Bad, Terrible
  12. Admonition Synonym ?  Advice
  13. Callous synonym ? Heartless 
  14. Tranquility Antonym ? Irritated
  15. Facet Synonym? Character , face
  16.  Write the English meaning of عین وقت پر? Ans. In the nick of time
  17.  Write the English meaning of نو نقد نہ تیرہ ادھار?  Ans. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  18.  Write the English meaning of ایک ہاتھ سے تالی نہیں بجتی? Ans. It takes two to make a quarrel
  19.  Write the English meaning of سازش ? None of these
  20.  Write the English meaning of ظرف
  21. Write the English meaning of ندڑ ? Brave
  22. A place where fashionable dresses of woman are made? Ans Haute Couture
  23. فردا
  24. فن شناس
  25. Write the English meaning of the word بدحواس ? confused
  26. Write the English meaning of the this sentence نو نقد تیرا ادھار ? A bird in hand better than 2 in bush
  27. The  Person who Knows everything is known as ____? Omniscient
  28. Ayesha's art work is so___,; her parents are renowned artists ? Ans: innate
  29. the offence of marrying someone while already married to another is called___________? (A) Fraud (B) Heterogamy (C) Polygamy (D) None of these  Bigamist
  30. Die in harness? Before retirement
  31. Months of Sunday? 30 Weeks 
  32. He _______that word in dictionary? Ans Not
  33. He plays hockey as his brother. Ans Correct.
  34. He worked hard lest ______ . Ans not
  35. _______Wright Brothers invented ____airplane. Ans. The, An
  36. Analogy Lion: Roar : : ? Snake : Hiss
  37. Shakespeare was also a _____? (A) Playwright (B) Playwrite (C) Playrite (D) None of these

 Tehsildar English PPSC Today Paper Batch 2 24th October 2021 fully solved evening 02:30 PM

If you remember MCQs of today's tehsildar paper please share below in comments.

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