Tehsildar 2021 solved paper General Knowledge held on 14th November 2021 10:00 Am. Download PPSC past paper of GK Tehsildar 2021 in Board of Revenue Department held 14-11-2021 morning paper 10:00 Pm along with answer key. In Past paper of  GK tehsildar Current Affairs, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Computer Science MCQs were included

  1.  Who is the current European Union Ambassador to Pakistan? Ans. Androulla Kaminara
  2. 9th November 1877 birth date of which famous personality? Dr.  Allam Muhammad Iqbal
  3. In which year national Anthem of Pakistan was adopted? 1954
  4. CPEC stand for? China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  5. Who is Albert Einstein? Physicist 
  6. Name the Largest bird in the World is ? Ostrich
  7. First Pakistani who received noble prize? Dr Abdus Salam
  8. Who is known as the father of modern cosmology? Edwin Powell Hubble
  9. Who is incumbent Prime Minister of Turkey? Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  10. CC stands for what ? Carbon Copy
  11. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar was the governor of which province? Punjab
  12. Objectives resolution was moved in assembly by whom? Liaquat Ali Khan
  13. What is the maximum age limit for the retirement of the judge of Supreme court ? 65 Years
  14. Who was the 2nd President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Ayub Khan
  15. Pakistan television started its live transmission? 26th November 1964
  16. In which continent Japan is located? Asia
  17. Who was artist of famous painting "Mona Lisa"? Leonardo Da Vinci
  18. Which is the Largest Island of the World? Greenland
  19. Total member of OIC? 57 Members
  20. What is the Real name of Imam Bukhari? Muhammad Ibn Ismail
  21. ادب کی اصطلاح میں تنقید کے معنی)
  22. Sun contains how much mass of total solar system ? (A) 99.8% (B) 82%  (C) 82.5%  (C) 98%  (D) None of these
  23. Planet which have most density?  Earth Mercury
  24. Ahmad shah Abdali born in ? 1722
  25. منو بھائی کے کالم کا موضوع
  26. کووڈ پہ ناول "شہر خالی، کوچہ خالی" کا مصنف
  27. ادب کی وہ اصلاح جس میں الفاظ کو نامانوس اور اجنبیت کے ساتھ لکھا جا تا ہے؟
  28. جس کا یار کوتوال اس کاہے کا ڈر
  29. )آسمان کا تھوکا منھ پر ۔۔۔۔ اس کا کوئی بھی نہیں آنا تھا شاید 31)باغباں نے آگ دی جب آشیانے کو مرے
  30. )جن پہ تکیہ تھا وہی پتے ہوا دینے لگے ۔۔۔۔۔۔ شاعر کا نام؟ ثاقب لکھنوی 33)
  31. "بالائے طاق رکھنا " محاورہہے، اس کا مطلب کیا ہے ۔۔۔۔۔ 1) فراموش کر دینا۔ 2) پرواہ نہ کرنا 34)
  32. Which Animal uses skin as Respiratory System? Amphibians
  33. What is the minimum speed required to put a satellite in orbit around earth is called ? 7.8 KM/S ( 28000 KM/H)
  34. Which Shortcut keys are used to apply format painter  in MS Word? CTRL+SHIFT+V
  35. Sky eye launched by ? ISRO The Indian Space Research Organization 
  36. Which is the female part of flower ?  Pistil
  37. Qartba Masjid used by Allam Iqbal in 
  38. Name the Country which is banned for Olympics and global sports for 4 years? (A)  Russia (B) China (C) America (D) Czech Republic (E) None of these
  39. Shortcut Key to open New tab in web browser ? CTRL+T 
  40. Largest reservoir of fresh water in the World? Glacial Ice
  41. CPEC covers which sea ? Arabian Sea
  42. Central Mohamaden
  43. 1st Session of the 1st constituent assembly  of Pakistan was held on ? 10th August 1947
  44. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressed the  first constituent assembly  of Pakistan on which date? 11th August 1947
  45. Donbass is border between ? Zaporizhian Sich and the Don Cossack Host
  46. What Country has withdrawn from Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty NPT ? North Korea
  47. GMT stands for what ? Greenwich Mean Time 
  48. What is meant by Commutation in excel?
  49. Which shortcut key is used to create New Work sheet in Excel ? Shift + F11
  50. Which shortcut key is used to Highlight text in MS word? CTRL+ALT+H
  51. How to insert drop cap at the start of paragraph in MS word with shortcut key? Alt or F10
  52. Most deaths occurred in which Country due to Covid 19? USA
  53. Total Manzil in Holy Quran? 
  54. What was the real name of Abu Hanifa? Numan Ib Sabit
  55. Number of Sacred Months in Islam are ? 04
  56. Who was the fifth caliph of Islam? Hazrat Muawiyah (R.A)
  57. When did Hazrat Amina (R.A) was died? 577 AD
  58. Which of the following is the longest ayat of holy Quran ? The Verse of Loan
  59. Who is the current President of UN General Assembly ? Abdulla Shahid (Maldives)
  60. In 1974 OIC summit was held in which country ? Pakistan (Lahore)
  61. Most Sovereign Body of UNO is ? UN Security Council
  62. How many days RBC last (lifespan)? 120
  63. Sky Eye Telescope is discovered in which country ? China 
  64. Name the 3rd Border Crossing opened with Iran on 21st April 2021 to facilitate trade between Pakistan and Iran ? Pishin-Mand
  65. Stainless Steel is an ____? Alloy 

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