Tehsildar 2021 solved paper General Knowledge held on 14th November 2021 02:30 Pm. Download PPSC past paper of GK Tehsildar 2021 in Board of Revenue Department held 14-11-2021 evening paper 02:30 Pm along with answer key. In Past paper of  GK tehsildar Current Affairs, Urdu, Pakistan Studies and Computer Science MCQs were  included in today's paper. 

  1.  International Peace Day is celebrated each year through out the World  on ? Ans. 21st September 2021
  2. Battle of Panipat which took place on 14th January 1761 was between ? (A) Akbar and Sher Shah (B) Marhata Empire and Ahmed Shah Abadli (C) Aurangzeb and Babar (D) None of these
  3. Default Printer Mode is ? (A) Landscape Mode Printer (B) Portrait Mode Printer (C) Both of these (D) None of these
  4. Name the game in which sides of the teams changed after every goal (A) Rugby (B) Ice Hockey (C) Baseball (D) None of these
  5. Search Engine uses software _____ to search different documents on the internet. (A) Spider (B) Dark Web (C) Wikipedia (D) None of these 
  6. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Second tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan ? 18th October 1993
  7. Which one is the oldest University of the British? Oxford
  8. Name the sports which is played on horses? Polo
  9. Muhammad Ali Bogra was the Minister ? Defense Minister of Pakistan
  10. Country Having the most airports in the World is ? USA
  11. Who is the current Secretary General of SAARC? Esala Ruwan Weerakon
  12. Law of Gravity was discovered by whom? Newton
  13. A bee have to collect nectar from how many flowers to produce one pound of honey? (A) 1 Million (B) 5 Million (C) 10 Million (D) None of these (2 Million is right)
  14. Iron Dome Air Defense System is installed in which country of the World  ? Israel
  15. Shin Bet is the Security Agency of Which Country? Israel
  16. Who was the founder of Congress ? Ans. None of These Right Ans is Allan Octavian Hume
  17. Which shortcut key is used to paste the copied text in MS Word ? None of these . Right Answer is CTRL+V
  18. Which Prophet has the title of Israel? Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)
  19. Khunjerab Pass connects Pakistan with which Country? China
  20. Kaleem Ullah was the title of which Prophet? Hazrat Musa (A.S)
  21. Which country took G-20 Presidentship from Japan? Saudi Arabia
  22. Shortcut Key used to select all text in MS Word ? CTRL+A
  23. First Census in Pakistan held in which year? 1951
  24. Near sightedness problem is corrected by using which lens? Concave Lens
  25. The literal meaning of Islam is ?  (A) to obey  (B) to bow down the neck (C) to have safety (D) None of these
  26.  Word file saved by default? .docx
  27. Which is the Brexit Transition ? None of these Right Ans . 31 December 2020
  28. Ruby gemstone made of what?  Aluminum Oxide
  29. Which Ghazwa is known as Youm-ul-Furqan? Ghazwa Badar
  30. Transfer from one web page to next web page in MS Word is done by using ? Hyper Link
  31. Which shortcut key is used to go back from highlighted text? CTRL+Spacebar
  32. Dried flower buds used as spices? (A) Cloves (B) Cinnamon (C)  Saffron (D) None of these
  33. Which shortcut key is used to apply page break in MS Word? Ans. None of these CTRL+Enter
  34. Total Number of Madni Surahs ? 28
  35. Who abolished caliphate ? Mustafa Kamal
  36. CTRL+E shortcut key in MS Word is used ? Align the line or selected text to the center of the page.
  37. Chauburji monument is situated in which city of Pakistan ? Lahore
  38. Microsoft Excel is which type of Software ? Application Software
  39. Which Country intends to buy 12 JF 17 thunder Aircraft from Pakistan ? Argentina 
  40. Which nation has filed a lawsuit against Myanmar for Genocide against Rohingya Muslims in ICJ? Gambia 
  41. Sun is a ___? (A) Planet (B) Star (C) Galaxy (D) None of these
  42. Which shortcut key is used to check spelling in MS Word? F7
  43. Panama Canal connects ? Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean and Divides North and south America?
  44. FTP Stands for what ? File Transfer Protocol
  45. CTRL+W shortcut key is used for ? To close a document
  46. Name the Sahabi whose name is mentioned in the Holy Quran ? Zaid Bin Haris
  47. Quit India Movement was started in which year? 1942
  48. Which is the largest online Ecommerce Store of the World ? Amazon
  49. CTRL+= shortcut key in MS Word is used for ? Set selected text as Subscript
  50. IP stands for what ? Internet Protocol
  51. Halagu Khan was died in which year ? 1265
  52. Mailbox storage in the outlook is ? 100 GB
  53. Which planet has the longest revolution time  around the Sun? (A)  Neptune (B) Saturn (C) Pluto (D) None of these
  54. .PPT extension used by which Application Software for saving documents? Microsoft PowerPoint
  55. Which Application software is used for presenting data ?  Microsoft PowerPoint
  56. Which of the following is a cash crop? 
  57. Who is the Current Pope of Roman Catholic? (A) Pop Francis (B) Pope John (C) Pope David (D) None of these
  58. Sodium has how many Protons and Electrons ? 11
  59. What is the sound speed ? 1225 KM/H
  60. Data sorting is used in which application software ? MS Excel
  61. Which Mughal ruler ruled India in 1526 ? Babur
  62. آسمان ٹوٹنا۔۔۔مصیبت
  63. پانی وانی۔۔مہمل
  64. ایسے الفاظ جو خود تو کسی سے نہ بنے ہوں۔۔۔۔مصدر
  65. بکرے کی ماں کب تک خیر منائے گی
  66. نین بوائے دردر مانگی بھیک
  67. جاڑے کی چاندنی
  68. پھولے نہ سمانا۔۔۔خوش ہونا
  69. پتا پتا بوٹا بوٹا حال ہمارا جانے ہے۔۔۔چار بار
  70. نئی زندگی۔۔۔شعر
  71. داستان ہنزہ بکس
  72. .جوئے شیر لانا۔۔۔مشکل کام سر انجام


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