Junior Clerk today solved paper held on 21st November 2021 10:00 Am. Download PPSC past paper of Junior Clerk JC 2021 in Punjab Police 21-11-2021 morning paper 10:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Name of the 16th President of USA?  Ans (A) Abraham Lincoln  (B) Andrew Johnson (C) Barak Obama  (D) None of the above
  2. Who is the current Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee? (A) General Nadeem Raza (B) General Qamar Bajwa (C) General Zubair Hayat
  3. Name the Country which become full member of FATF? (A) Saudi Arabia (B) UAE (C) Oman (D) None of the above
  4. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died on ? (A) 27th March 1898 (B) 27th March 1899 (C) 27th March 1920 (D) None of the above.
  5. When was IMF established?  (A) 1944 (B) 1945 (C) 1946 (D) None of the Above.
  6. Economic Cooperation Organization was established in which year ? (A) 1985 (B) 1982 (C) 1996 (D) None of the above
  7. Rann of Kutch is situated on ?  Border of Pakistan and India
  8. Name the first country which recognized Pakistan? (A) Iran (B) China (C) USA (D) None of these
  9. Warsak Dam is built on which River ? (A) Indus (B) Kabul (C) Jehlum (D) None of the above
  10. There are how many Surahs in last para of Holy Quran? (A) 36 (B) 37 (C) 35 (D) None of these
  11. Ghazi Brotha Dam is situated on which river ? (A)  Indus  (B) Jehulm (C)  Chenab (D) None of these
  12. Which is the largest Island of Pakistan ? (A) Astola  (B) Manora Island (C) Charna Island (D) None of the above
  13. Shiekh amed sirhindi started jihad movements against? Deen e Elahi
  14. I wish my father was alive today? 
  15. Tax collected from prisoner is called? Jaziya
  16. Formula of Washing soda is? Na₂CO₃ Sodium Carbonate
  17. To poke the nose isom means? 
  18. Which mountain located in south of Pakistan? Kirthar
  19.  Ludukh have how may districts?   
  20. Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) WIFE OF Holy PROPHET Hazrat  MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is the daughter of which Sahabi-e-Rasool SAWW? Umm e Ruman and Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)
  21. Total Area of Pakistan? 881,913 Square KM

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