Assistant today solved paper held on 21st November 2021 10:00 Am. Download PPSC past paper of Assistant 2021 in Special Education Department Government of Punjab 21-11-2021 morning paper 10:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Balochistan got the status of province in which year?  Ans (A) 1st July 1970 (B) 1 July 1971 (C) 1 August 1970 (D) None of the above
  2. What is the  Modern name of ShahJahanabad? Old Delhi
  3. First Government of Taliban regime in which year? 1996
  4. Name the team Who won  Pakistan Super League PSL 2019? (A) Quetta Gladiator (B) Islamabad United (C) Karachi Kings (D) Peshawer Zalmi
  5. Recent PSL edition was which edition?  (A) PSL 6th Edition (B) 7th Edition (C) 5th Edition (D) None of the Above.
  6. Slide Sorter in PowerPoint is present in 
  7. Pakistan Resolution was seconded from Punjab by?  (A) Zafar Ali Khan (B) Sardar Aurangzaib Khan (C) Chaudary Khaliquzzaman (D) None of these
  8. Astronomy is the study of What? Universe
  9. Switzerland got the status of Neutral state in which year? (A) 1918 (B) 1919 (C) 1920 (D) None of the above
  10. In recent time which country is the most attractive for tourists? (A) France (B) Thailand (C) Pakistan (D) None of these
  11. Who is the Current Chief justice of Lahore High court? (A)  Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhati (B) Jusitice  Malik Shehzad Ahmed Khan (C)  Justice Shujaat (D) None
  12. What was the deadline given by Kyoto protocol for Carbon dioxide limit upto 5.86? (A) 2012 (B) 2015 (C) 2018 (D) None of these
  13. Which industry was growing in Pakistan before 1958? (A) Cottage (B) Chemical (C) Manufacturing (D) All of above
  14. The purpose of Berlin wall was? (A)  To divide Germany into two parts (B) to stop escaping of citizens to west Berlin (C) Both A & B  (D) None of these
  15. Who got the Nobel prize in literature in 1907? Rudyard Kipling
  16. First Viceroy after war of Independence? Canning
  17. What is the budget deficit in Financial Year 2021-22?  (A) 7.5% (B)  7% (C) 5% (D) None of these 
  18. Ghazwa e tabook pa jatay waqt Hazoor pak neyabit kis ko day kr gy (A) Hazrat Ali (R.A)  (B) Hazrat Umar  (R.A) (C)  Saad bin Abi Waqas (D) None of these

Math  (Basic Arithmetic Portion)

  1.  12 pumps empty a tank in 20 mints if 2 pumps are out of order than remaining pump will empty the tank in how many mints?  (A) 20 Minutes (B) 24 Minutes (C) 10 Minutes (D) None of the above.
  2.  If the ratio between length of rod and ita shadow is 1:√3 than the angle of sun is? (A) 30 Degree  (B) 45 Degree (C) 90 Degree (D) None of the Above.
  3. If a boy can earn 7500 in 2 weeks than how much he'll earn in 2 days if he works 6 days a week? (A) 1050  (B) 1150 (C) 1250 (D) None of the above
  4. Square field has a perimeter of 36m.  What will be the cost of grass if charges are  15 per square meter ? (A) 19,940 (B) 18940 (C) 17940 (D) None of the above
  5. Day turn how much degree per hour?  (A) 10 degree (B) 15 degree (C) 30 degree (D) None of the above
  6. If A works 4 times faster than B and A complete his work 45 days less than B if both work together than in how much days they will complete the work? (A) 8 Days (B) 10 Days (C) 12 Days (D) None of the Above.
  7. Two trains are running in opposite directions with speeds of 62 km/h and 40 km/h respectively. If the length of one train is 260 m, and they cross each other in 18 seconds, then what is the length of the other train? (A) 200 M (B) 250 M (C) 300 Meter (D) None of the above

Urdu and Islamic Studies Portion 

  1. Hazrat Hafsa (R.A)  was the daughter of? Hazrat Umer Ibn Al Khitab (R.A)
  2. Hazrat Ume Habiba  (R.A) was sister of? Ameer Muawiyah (R.A)
  3. Imam Abu Hanifa  (R.A) Buried in which city? Baghdad
  4. Hazrat Abu Bakar ki Namaz E Janaza kis ne parhai? Hazrat Umer Farooq (R.A)
  5. Hazrat Saleh ki Qaum ka naam? Samood
  6. Which Surah ends with Dua? Surah Al-Baqarah
  7. Fort William college built in which year? 1800
  8. چیل کے گھونسلے میں ماس ہہاں
  9.  آپ کاج مہا کاج کا مطلب؟ 
  10. - کاغز کی ناؤ سدا نہیں بہتی کا مطلب؟
  11. Allama Iqbal book in Farsi and Urdu?
  12. First poem name of Bang E Dara?

English MCQs

1. "she is my mother- in- law" Which punctuation mark is used in this sentence? (A)  Comma (B) Exclamation marl (V) Hyphen (D) None of these.?

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 Assistant Special Education PPSCSolved Past Paper 2021

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