GAT General NTS today Paper 20th January 2019

GAT General today paper held on 20th January 2019. Graduate Assessment Test General NTS for Cat A, B, C paper held on 20-01-2019. Download past paper of GAT General 2019 in PDF. Check below the complete paper

  1. Analogies :
    Summer : winter
    Noodles :flour
    Hot : cold
    Ans :
  2. 6 drivers M, n, o, p, q, r
    And 4 or 5(dnt remember) companies cars b, c, d, e, f
    M and n must select same campany
    C cars must be equal to twice of b.
    O must select b.
    P and q should slct different
    Q and r should select different.
  3. The payment is paid subjected to_____deduction on source
    (A) Tax
    (B) Indulge
  4. Analogies
    (A) Wire.electricity
    (B) Bulb.electricity
    (C) Pipe.water
  5. Analogies. Prisoner.Jail
    (A) Skull.brain
    (B) Alphabet.letter
  6. What's 50% of 50% of 50? Ans 12.5
  7. A rectangle of 5×12 that inscribed in circle, find the diameter of circle?
  8. 1/5:1/4 has same ration as 1/4 : x find value of x. It's ans was
  9. What % of 24 is 14?
  10. 0.2 ×0.005 =?
  11. 0.2×0.005=0.001
  12. Toss is coined two times what is the probability of one head and one tail?
  13. Sum of all lengths of cube is 6 cm what will be its volume?
  14. If parameter of rectangle is 68 yards. Width is 48 feet what will be the length? 
    Perimeter=68 yard
    1yard=3 feet
    Width 48/3=16 yard
    2*(l + w)=68
    2(l + 16)=68
    L=18 yard
  15. The cube root of saqure root of the number is 2?
  16. What percent of 24 is 14??
  17. Length of a rectangle is doubled and its width is halved. Find change in Area?
  18. The ratio of boys to girls are 3:4 if there are 135 boys then how many girls will be there??
  19. Man A paints a house in 5 days, Man B paints the same in 3 days, In how many days both will paint the same house?
  20. (0.6 + 0.6 + 0.6 + 0.6 + 0.6 )/5?
  21. (a +1/a) ^2 =100 then a^2 + 1/ a^2 =?
  22. Analogy machine:ca::dentist:teeth
  23. The manager is not capable for this position.

If you have questions in mind of today paper of GAT General please share question below in comments. If you can solve it solve the questions .

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