GAT General NTS today Paper 17th March 2019

GAT General today paper held on 17th March 2019. Graduate Assessment Test General NTS for Cat A, B, C paper held on 17-03-2019. Check below questions with Answers partially solved.

  1. 2 is 10% of which no.? Ans . 20
  2. In hospital 240 doctor and nurses are there with ratio 5:7. What is nurses no.?
  3. The herd of elephants ........ready to attack over the lion? Ans  is
  4. x+5=8 find 2x-1=? Ans 5
  5. a^2+b^2+2ab= ? a=4 and b=-5 Ans 1
  6. Find the value of "z" If 1/z = 1/x -1/y
  7. 1/5 of 0.1percent is ....... ans 1÷5×0.1÷100=0.0002
  8. 3x+6x-9/3x-3=? Ans x+3
  9. 9x^2+12x-5=0 then x will be???
  10. If a = 4b then what percent of 2a is 2b?
  11. The length of a rectangle is 7 more than the width. Where the perimeter is equal to a square whose side length is 8.5. What is length of the diagonal of the rectangle?
  12. Find Zakat on 960000!?
  13. Average marks of 20 students is 8 and average marks of 5 students is 9. Find the Arithmetic Mean?
  14. Blooming Opposite Ans Fade
    (A) Mild
    (B) Quite
    (C) Fade
  15. Flux opposite. (A) Stability (B)  Motion (C) Swerve (D) Wined Ans A
  16. Convene Antonyms
  17. Amenable Antonyms
  18. Obvious Opposite Meaning
  19. Reckless Opposite Meaning
  20. Communicate
  21. Diameter of circle having coordinates A(6,2) B(2,6) find the coordinates of origin O?
  22. If the average of 10 number is -10 and the sum of first 6 numbers is 100. Find the average of other 4 numbers?
  23. The driver was knocked ___ just before the accident happened . A. Off B. Out Ans Out
  24. Product of 3 positive integers is 300 and one of the integer is 5. What is the least possible sum of other 2 integers.
  25. If 3^m=81 then what is the value of m?
  26. Foreigner opposite : Native


  1. Submissive : Slave
  2. Enunciate: word
  3. Rifle : weapon
  4. interesting : fascinating

If you have questions in mind of today paper of GAT General please share question below in comments.

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