ESE General today PPSC paper 23rd June 2019

ESE General PPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 23rd June 2019 08:30 Am. Download today PPSC past paper of Elementary School Educator in local Government and Community Development 2019 morning paper 08:30 Am along with answer key.

  1. Kofi Anan belonged to which Country ? Ans Ghana .
  2. Capital of New Zealand ? Wellington
  3. Holy Book Zabur was revealed on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood (A.S)
  4. Longest coastline in the World?  Canada
  5. who was the founder of Non Aligned Movement NAM?Jawahar Lal Nehru
  6. Ice Hockey is the national game of which country.
  7. Khud e sakhan is written by whom?  Mir Taqi Mir
  8. Which is the favourite game ofTayyip Erdogan? Football
  9. Neelam valley is situated in ? Azad Kashmir
  10. First five year plan of Pakistan ? 1955
  11. Half of byte is equivalent to ? 4 bits
  12. Word is equal to ?  16bits
  13. Nibble is equal to ? 4 bits
  14. Who was the First Muslim ruler of India? Qutb al Din Aibak
  15. Qantas is the airline of which Country? Australia
  16. Third constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on which date?  14th August 1973
  17. Tiananmen square is in which city? Beijing China
  18. Everyone use computer due to .... ? All of the Above
  19. Chaudary Muhammad Ali Prime of Pakistan was succeeded by Whom? Bogra
  20. River Tigris ? Mesopotamia
  21. 1962 Constitution of  Pakistan was ? Unicameral
  22. In Simon commission which was separated and from ? Sindh from Bombay
  23. Shortcut keys  pressed Control plus Shift plus up Arrow? Move items 0.01 units
  24. My computer ws added in which edition of microsoft windows? Windows 95
  25. Bensons Tito was from which Country ? Yugoslavia
  26. Idi Amin was the former President of which Country? Uganda
  27. Survival of fittest is written by whom? Charles Darwin
  28. Subedar Abdul Khaliq famous for? Athlete get award of fastest man in Asia in 1954 Asian Games
  29. DNA was discovered by whom? James Watson and Francis Crick
  30. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2004 ? Zafarullah Khan Jamali, Shujaat Hussain and Shoukat Aziz
  31. River Tigris belongs to which civilization ?
  32. Surah al Nahl means? The Bee
  33. Tribe of Hazrat Usman (R.A) ? Quraysh
  34. Cyprus is disputed area between ? Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots
  35. When did the member so UN Security Council increased from 11 to 15? 1965
  36. Number of the Islamic month Shawal? 10th
  37. Khurum pass end on which valley? Kohat
  38. Kali Shalwar written by? Saadat Hassan Manto
  39. Donald Trump belong to which political party? Republican Party
  40. Kinetic energy is due to? Motion
  41. Pakistan in situated in ?  South Asia
  42. ٹامک ٹویا کا مطلب
  43. درد سخن کس شعر کو؟
  44. گالی مت دو (Correct the sentence)
  45. Nimra buy a laptop 20% discount on original price than sell on 40% total prophet??

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