Federal Investigation Agency FPSC past paper of 2002 as per syllabus of Inspector 2018. Download FPSC solved past paper of FIA Inspector 2002 Questions with Answers in PDF. 62 Posts of Inspectors were announced in November 2018 by FPSC. Start Preparation for this post by going through last Five Years  past papers of FPSC Inspector.

FIA Inspector Solved Past Paper 2002 Batch 1

Check below the FIA Inspector Past Paper fully Solved Questions with Answers:-

1. Which of the drug abuse involves most of the risk of injection with the HIV (AIDS) Virus?

(A) Taking too much aspirin
(B) Using Alochol
(C) Injection of Heroine
(D) Cigarette smoking.

2. Who was the founder of modern astronomy?
(A) Archimedes 
(B) William Gilberth
(C) Michel Faraday
(D) Nicholas Copernicus.

3. Persons with the following blood group are considered to be universal recipient?
(A) AB+
(B) B+
(C) O+
(D) A+

4. Study of Life in Outer Space is known as ?.
(A) Endocrinology
(B) Microbiology
(C) Exobiology
(D) Neurobiology

5. Name of the Common Mineral Salt present in sweat is ?
(A) Calcium Isolate
(B) Potassium Sulfate
(C) Sodium chloride
(D) Iron Sulphide.

6. Sensitive Layer of the Eye is ?
(A) Choroids
(B) Sclerotic
(C) Retina
(D) Cornea.

7. Laughing Gas is the composition of which two elements?
(A) Nitrogen + Hydrogen
(B) Nitrogen + Carbon
(C) Nitrogen + Oxygen
(D) Oxygen+Carbon.

8. Dr Abdul Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributors to the unification of  ?
(A) Electromagnetic force and gravitational force
(B) Electromagnetic Force and weak nuclear force
(C) Gravitational Force and Weak Nuclear Force
(D) Weak Nuclear Force and Strong Nuclear Force.

9. Which Triplet in DNA codes for valine?
(D) ATT.

10. What is the chance of diabetic born baby to parents both heterozygous normal?
(A) Zero
(B) 1/4
(C) 1/2
(D) 3/4.

11.Which of the following is not part of Darwinism?
(A) Over Production
(B) Natural Selection
(C) Inheritance for acquired characters
(D) Competition for survival

12. Role of Biology in the production of food is based on?
(A) Decomposition
(B) Respiration
(C) Digestion
(D) Fermentation

13. The Instrument which is used to measure very high temperature is  ?
(A) Manometer
(B) Thermostate
(C) Chronometer
(D) Pyrometer

14. The Science which deals with the study of manners and customs of people is known as?
(A) Ethnology
(B) Morphology
(C) Ethics
(D) Genetics.

15. Chemicals used to kill rats and mice are known as .
(A) Insecticides
(B) Rodenticides
(C) Fungicides
(D) Herbicides.

16. Dry Ice is ____?.
(A) Methane Hydrate
(B) Liquid Nitrogen
(C) Solid Carbon dioxide
(D) None of the Above

17. Chemical Name of Vinegar is ?
A) Sodium Nitrate
b) Dilute Acetic Acid
C) Chloride of Lime

D) Calcium.

18. Deficiency of following vitamins decreases hemoglobin production?
(A) Biotin
(B) Thiamin
(C) Niacin
(D) B-12.

19. Hygrometer is used to measure the speed of ?
(A) Speed of Sound
(B) Density of Milk
(C) Humidity of Air
(D) Specific Gravitational Force

Inspector FIA Past Paper FPSC

FPSC FIA Inspector Past Paper

Federal Public Service Commission Inspector FIA Paper 2002

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Federal Investigation Agency Inspectors Past Paper 2002

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