Assistant Director AD FIA FPSC Past Papers Fully Solved download pdf

FPSC Past Paper of Assistant Director will help in preparation for the 11 posts of FIA Assistant Director announced by FPSC in November 2021. We have collected questions from the past papers of AD FIA which will be helpful in preparation of the test according to FPSC syllabus of  AD in FIA 2018. . Here are the questions which were asked in FPSC past papers of FIA AD 2012 . Download FPSC solved past paper of FIA Assistant Director in PDF:-

1. A unit of Length equal to the average distance between the Earth and Sun is called?

(A) Light Year
(B) Parallax
(C) Parsee
(D) Astronomical Unit.

2. An eclipse for the sun occurs when?
(A) the Earth is between Sun and Moon
(B) The Sun is between Earth and Moon
(C) The moon is between Sun and Earth
(D) Earth Casts its shadow on the moon.

3. Ozone Layer protects earth from ______sent by the Sun?
(A) Radioactive Rays
(B) Infrared Rays
(C) Gamma Rays
(D) Ultraviolet Rays.

4. Ozone Layer is present about 30 Miles (50 Km) in atmosphere above earth. The start layer of atmosphere inwhich ozone layer lies is called as:
(A) Exosphere
(B) Mesosphere
(C) Troposphere
(D) Stratosphere

5. Which Planet of the Solar System have maximum Numbers of Moon?
(A) Jupiter
(B) Venus
(C) Saturn
(D) Uranus.

6. Age of Solar System approximately is?
(A) 4.5 Billion Years
(B) 5.5 Billion Years
(C) 6.5 Billion Years
(D) 7.5 Billion Years.

7. Which Rocks are formed by alteration of pre-existing rocks by great heat or pressure?
(A) Igneous Rocks
(B) Sedimentary Rocks
(C) Metamorphic rocks
(D) Acid Rocks.

8. Most abundant Natural Iron Oxides are ?
(A) Magnetite and Pyrite 
(B) Magnetite and Bauxite
(C) Hematite and Pyrite
(D) Hematite and Magnetite

9. Most Abundant Element in Sea Water are ?
(A) Sodium and Potassium
(B) Sodium and Calcium
(C) Sodium and Chlorine
(D) Chlorine and Iodine.

10. An electric current can produce ?
(A) Chemical Affect
(B) Magnetic Affect
(C) Heating Affect
(D) All of the Above.

Assistant Director FIA Past Paper 2012

AD FIA Past Paper 2012

Assistant Director Federal Investigation Agency Past Papers

Download Assistant Director FIA past paper 2012 in PDF

AD FIA past Paers

Download FIA Assistant Director Solved Past Paper in PDF (Click Here)

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