Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 6th January 2019 10:00 am. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in Federal Investigation Agency 2019 morning paper along with answer key.

 Inspector FIA solved paper Batch 1

  1. USA withdrew from Iran Nuclear Deal on...? Ans 8th May 2018
  2. Theme of the World's Aids Day 2018 was ? Know Your Status
  3. Disgorge Antonym ? Ans Bottle Up , Contain
  4. Impertinent synonym? Brazen 
  5. Call it a day (idiom ) ? Ans  Stop working 
  6. Dim A dozen ?  Something Common
  7. Expedient synonym? Practicable
  8. World Human rights Day is celebrated each year on ? 10 December
  9. Kartharpur corridor is in which district of Pakistan ? Narowal  (Source: Taken from this mcqs set )
  10. IDEAS 2018 held on in Karachi  ? Ans  27th  November to 30th November 2018
  11. Ideas 2018 was Inaugurated by Whom ? Ans President Arif Alvi
  12. Recently Pakistan has been elected as the member of the Council for 4 years term from 1919 to 1922 after securing 155 out of 177 votes in 2018? International Telecommunication Union ITU
  13. US, Mexico and _____ sign USMCA to replace NAFTA ? Canada
  14. On which Date International Anti Corruption day is celebrated ? 9 December
  15. First Nuclear Power Plant in Arab World inaugurated in March 2019 located in which Country? UAE
  16. UNHCR inked preliminary plan on Rohingiya Repatriation plan in April 2018 with which Country? Bangladesh
  17. Which Country is going to host SAFF (South Asian Football Federation ) 2020 championship? Pakistan
  18. Who is the Current Chinese Foreign Minister ? Wang Yi
  19. Who is the Current President of Iran ? Ans Hassan Rouhani
  20. Who is the Current Minister of Energy (Petroleum Division) of Pakistan ? Ghulam Sarwar
  21. Who has been appointed as new Afghan envy to Pakistan by the Afghan Government ? Atif Mashal
  22. In june 2018 Pakistan alongside ____ has shown interest in becoming member of the international solar alliance? Ans China
  23. ____is the First Country in the World who recognize orphanage trafficking as a form of modern slavery? Australia
  24. Range of Hatf-7 Missile is ____? 350 to 700 Km
  25. Russian President Vladimir Putin belong to which Political Party ?
  26. Advisor To PM on Media Affairs ? Iftikhar Durani
  27. Total Number of the Muslims in Ghazwa e Badar? 313 
  28. Hazrat Umar (R.A) Birth Year? Ans 580 (A.D)
  29. How many stages in Holy Quran ? 7
  30. Currency of Indonesia ? Rupiah
  31. How many women candidates made it to the National Assembly to the Direct General Election 2018? 8
  32. Shut the door . Change into Passive Voice ? Let the door be shut.
  33. 7 rounds of Kabba called..... Tawaf
  34. First woman who embraced Islam.... Hazrat Khadija RA 
  35. Which one of the following element is used in the drum of a photo sate machine? Selenium
  36. The force exerted by a uniform electric field on a dipole is ___? Parallel to the electric field
  37. Six Authentic Books of Hadith are called ____? Siah-e-Sitta
  38. What was the voter turnout in General Election 2018? 55.8%
  39. Name of the Hazrat Ayub mentioned in How many Surahs in Quran
  40. Hazrat Youdaf AS ke umer kia the jub Egypt migration ke the.... 
  41. Hatf 7 missile range.....
  42. Ozone layer blocks which rays... UV 
  43. Red blood cells colore is red bcz of ... Heamoglobin
  44. A wire of resistance 6 ohms cut into two pieces , and connected into paralle then what will be the total resistance.... 1.5 ohm
  45. Fat soluble .... D A E ( All of the above)
  46. Aids spread by Air or water or both... i marked None
  47. water and salt mixture is seperated to gain both ... Distilation
  48. - Sand from Water ...... i marked filtration
  49. Afghanistan  Ambassdor to Pakistan?... Mashal khan 
  50. Pak ambsdr to un... Maleeha Lodhi
  51. Pakistan recently elected as a member in whoch organization.... International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  52. 1-2^(2)+3^(2)-4^(2)+5^(2)-6^(2)+7^(2)-8^(2)+91^(2)
  53. A,B,C,D consective odd integers average= 42 what would be the multiplication of B and D..... 
  54. which one is smallest peime number ... answer= 2
  55. which is not prime number.... 93
  56. Which one is not prime number 61 71 93
  57. average of 2 ,0 , 5, 5 and
  58. printer main kia use hota hy... alluminium silenium etc
  59. Ready energy for athelets.... Carbohydrates
  60. Current China ambassador to Pakistan

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