Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper Batch 3 held on 7th January 2019 10:00 am. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in Federal Investigation Agency 2019 morning paper along with answer key.

Inspector FIA solved paper Batch 3

  1. Sabotage Antonym Ans. Devotion
  2. Deficiency of vitamin c can cause What ? Ans Scurvy
  3. Square root of "x" will be equal to 64?  Ans 8
  4. How many stages are there in Islam?
  5. What is the Old name of ECO? RCD Regional Cooperation Development
  6. American 41's President died on which date? 30th November 2018
  7. Current US President Donald Trump tenure will end on? 20th January 2021
  8. Malaysian new president's term
  9. G-20 2018 held in ___? Buenos Aires , Argentina
  10. Separation of Britain from Europe  is due in which date?
  11. Saudi Journalist was killed in which country? Turkey
  12. Who is the Current Saudi crown prince? Muhammad Bin Salaman Al Saud
  13. Who is current interior minister of Pakistan? Imran Khan
  14. Who is current chairman Senate of Pakistan? Mir Sadiq Sinjrani
  15. Name of Chief Minister of Balochistan? Jam Kamal Aliyani
  16. Guru Nanak anniversary Birth Anniversary was ____?  549th
  17. If age of 3 person is 23, and if we add fourth person what would be the age of him to keep the same average?
  18. Sridevi died in which Year ? 2018
  19. Astaghfar Kalima Number is ___? 5th
  20. Najeeb Ullah is the title of which Prophet ? Hazrat Dawood (A.S)
  21. PVC Stands for___?  Polymer of Vinyl Chloride
  22. Bogra Formula date ? 7th October 1953
  23. Urdu was officially declared as National Language of Pakistan ? 1973
  24. Which is the favorite religion of Allah ? Islam
  25. Which is the strongest party in UK ? Conservative party having 317 seats
  26. Donald Trump Party name? Republican Party
  27. FIFA World Cup 2018 won by which Country ? France
  28. National Bird of Pakistan ? Chukar
  29. When the first constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved ? 24th October 1954
  30. Which is the hottest place in Pakistan ? Jacobabad
  31. Malaysian Current Prime Minister Mahatir Muhammad serving as PM for ...? Ans 2nd Time
  32. International Water Day is celebrated each year on ___? 22nd March

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