Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper Batch 4 held on 7th January 2019 2:00 pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in Federal Investigation Agency 2019 evening paper 2:00 Pm along with answer key.

Inspector FIA solved paper Batch 4

  1. Who was the First President of Pakistan ? Ans Iskander Mirza
  2. CFC Stands for ? Ans Chloroflourocarbon
  3. FATF stands for ? Financial Action Task Force
  4. General Ziaul Haq imposed martial law in Pakistan in which year? 5th July 1977
  5. CPEC project was started in which year? May 2013
  6. Kartapur is situated in which district of Pakistan? Narowal
  7. Name the journalist who died in Turkey Embassy? Jamal Khashoggi
  8. What is the chemical name of sale? Sodium Chloride NaCl
  9. Who is the Federal Education Minister of Pakistan? Shafqat Mehmood
  10. In US Senate Senators are elected for the period of __ Years ? 6 Years
  11. 1956 Constitution of the Pakistan was formulated under the leadership of ? Chaudary Mohammad Ali
  12. Name the Ex USA President who died in November 2019? George HW Bush
  13. What is meant by Ushr? 10% tax on irrigated land
  14. Fist General Election in Pakistan held in which year ? 1970
  15. Who was the first British Governor of Punjab ? Sir Francis Mudie
  16. Liaqat Ali Khan Martyred on ____? 16th October 1951
  17. Which Acid forms NaNO3 ? Nitric Acid
  18. Asthma is provoked by ___? Airborne substances
  19. Alqanoon was written by which famous scientist? Abu Ali Sina
  20. Gall Bladder is part of ____?
  21. Zakhraf meaning in Quran ? Ornaments of God , Luxury
  22. Why Ammonia is a base ?
  23. Permanent Magnets can be formed from ? Ferromagnetic Materials
  24. Equilibrium state is one which ____? When horizontal and vertical force is zero
  25. Which Party won the landslide victory in General Election 1970  by winning 160 seats in National Assembly ? Awami League
  26. Name the eldest son of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ? Qasim.
  27. Who is the current Secretary General of UN? Antonio Guterres
  28. Headquarter of UN is situated in ? New York
  29. Who is the winner of  Asian Women's Hockey Cup 2018? South Korea
  30. Which Party ruled over Sindh for long time ? PPPP
  31. Pakistan People's Party celebrated its _____birthday ? 51st
  32. 16% of a number is 216 . What is 27% of that number ? (A) 274 (B) 367 (C) 364.50 (D) None of these
  33. A train moves with a speed of 30 KM/h for 12 minutes and for next 8  minutes at speed of 45 KM/h.  Find the Average speed of train is ___ ? Ans 36 KM/H (A)  37.5 KM/H (B) 36 KM/H (C) 48 KM/H (D) None of these
  34. The Sum and Product of two numbers are 12 and 35 respectively . The sum of the reciprocals will be ____Ans . A (A)  12/35 (B) 1/35 (C) 35/8 (D) None
  35. The sum of three consecutive numbers is more than the middle number by 130. So Fine the middle number ? (A) 64 (B) 65 (C) 66 (D) None
  36. The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 37 Degree Centigrade and that of Tuesday to Thursday was 34 Centigrade . If the temperature on Thursday was 4/5 of that of Monday , then what was the temperature on Thursday ? Ans . B (A) 36.5 C (B) 36 (C) 35.5 C (D) None of these

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