Assistant Director FPSC today solved paper Batch 2 held on 11th January 2019 03:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of AD in Federal Investigation Agency 2019 evening paper 03:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Who is the foreign Minister of Russia? Ans Sergey Lavrov
  2. Which Country has recently imposed Carbon Tax from 2019 to cut its green house gas emissions? Singapore
  3. International women day is celebrated each year on ? 8 March
  4. What was the theme of international forest day 2018? Forest and Sustainable cities
  5. Mania of stealing things is known as ? Kleptomania

General Knowledge

  1. Which is the Currency of Russia? Russian Rubble
  2. Allama Iqbal born in which city ? Sialkot
  3. Khewra Salt mine is in which province of Pakistan? Punjab
  4. CPEC has how many special economic zones? 9
  5. Which planet is near to earth? Venus
  6. Who was the President of the 1st Constituent Assembly of Pakistan ? Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  7. In 1970 election main political parties were ? Awami League and PPPP
  8. 33rd ASEAN Summit held in which Country? Singapore
  9. Imran Khan Visited China in 2018? November 2 to 5 2018
  10. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un met in which country? Singapore
  11. Headquarter of ASEAN is situated in which country? Jakarta, Indonesia
  12. Last Counter Terrorism Operation by Pakistan Army started in which year?

Current Affairs

  1. International Day against Women violence is celebrated each year on__?  25th November
  2. Current GDP of Pakistan is ____? $309.68 Billion
  3. Jamal Khashogi was a ? Journalist
  4. International forest day is celebrated each year ? 21st March
  5. Who is the Current Secretary of the State in USA? Mike Pompeo
  6. Saudi Arabia has given package to Pakistan of how much worth in 2018? $6 Billion package
  7. Which Country is being declared more dangerous by USA ?

Every Day Science / General Science MCQs

  1. Which Instrument measures very high temperature ? Pyrometer
  2. Life span of White Blood Cells ? 13 to 20 days
  3. Which planet moves faster around Sun? Mercury
  4. Speed of Light is ? 186000 Miles / Second
  5. Sound waves are ____? longitudinal
  6. Which water will freeze at last (River, Sea, Canal? Sea water
  7. Nano meter is equivalent to ? 1 x 10 -9
  8. Comets have orbits ?
  9. Light beam after passing from prism splits into how many colors? 7 colors
  10. Color of the blood is due to ____?
  11. Which statement is true about ? Sound does not travel through vacuum
  12. In cold countries which is mixed in ice to prevent slipping on the road? Salt

Islamiat MCQs

  1. Rabia Basri born in ____? Iraq
  2. Which angel is given responsibility to bring rain? Hazrat Mikail
  3. Battle of Karbala took place in Which Hijri Year? 61 A.H
  4. Which Prophet was a Carpenter ? Hazrat Zakariya (A.S)
  5. Number of the daughter of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) ? Four
  6. Abu Huraira accepted Islam in which year?


  1. FIA is headed by? Director General
  2. High treason
  3. Passport act
  4. What section is Repeal Section?
  5. Power of Member of Delegate power
  6. Schedule Amendment by ?
  7. Special Police establishment
  8. Provincial and Special police
  9. Custom act section
  10. Which section is 3?
  11. Federal Govt called any property police station?
  12. Members can 1. arrest 2. search or Both
  13. Indemnity
  14. How DG may order (in written, verbal or both)
  15. DG gives member of agency (may give power may not or both)

Basic Arithmetic MCQs

  1. A man have 3 coats 6 shirsts and 2 trousers. In how many way he can dress
  2. Momentum (000) F= 2i-j+K) to (111)
  3. Work done. (111), (111)
  4. Probability in balls not the white one
  5. Probability in ball white or the other
  6. Probablitity of green ball not to come out from red black
  7. Which side will be opposite to the largest angle.
  8. Sum of 3, 3/4 3/16, 3/64......?
  9. Centroid of a triangle having vertices 1,1,1 - 2,2,2 - 3,3,3
  10. Imaginary part of multiplicative inverse or 6+3i
  11. Conjugate of complex number is?
  12. Vector projection
  13. One was aij = 0 for all j =1,2,3,...,n which matrix is this
  14. One was sum of first 60 odd numbers
  15. One was sum of first 60 even numbers

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