Custom Inspector today FPSC paper 25th April 2019 Batch 4

Custom Inspector today solved paper Batch 4 held on 25th April 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today's FPSC past paper of Custom Inspector/ Intelligence Officer in Pakistan Customs 2019 evening paper along with answer key.

Custom Inspector solved paper Batch 4

  1. Who was the Miss World 2019? Manushi Chhillar of India
  2. Modi World power full leader no? 9
  3. 33rd ASEAN summit held in which Country ? Singapore
  4. Who is the Vice president of IATF? China
  5. Which is the most powerful economy of World ? America
  6. Mostly world leader gather in memory of world war 1 at which place ? Paris, France
  7. What was the theme of Water Day 2019? No one leave behind
  8. World International Human Rights day is celebrated each year on ? 10th December
  9. International Day of Elimination of violence against women is celebrated each year on? 25 November
  10. Which shortcut keys are used to select all slides? Shift Key + Select 1st slide
  11. Shortcut Keys to insert hyperlink in word document? CTRL+K
  12. First Finance Minister of Pakistan ? Malik Ghulam Mohammad
  13. When Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah born? 25th December 1876
  14. Nehru Pact was signed in which year? 8th April 1950
  15. Repeated words are shown with which color in MS Word? Red
  16. Acid Rain is caused due to ? Air Pollution
  17. What is the Chemical Formula of Magnesium Oxide ? MgO
  18. Header and Footer appear in ?
  19. What is the reason of Auto Correct in word? Automatic data validation function in word processors
  20. What is the unit of Force? Newton
  21. Who is the First Lady of CIA ? Gina Haspel
  22. Namaz-e-Khasoof offered for ? Lunar Eclipse
  23. Objective Resolution passed in which year by Constituent Assembly of Pakistan? March 12, 1949
  24. Meteorology is a treatise by ___? Aristotle
  25. President of the International Court of Justice belong to which Country? Somalia
  26. FATF Vice President belong to which Country? China
  27. What was the motto of World Cancer day 2018? We Can, I Can
  28. Total tenure of Abbasid Caliphate? 508 years
  29. Non Cooperation Movement was called off in which year? 1922
  30. Stephen Hawking died on which date ? 14th March, 2018
  31. Basic Pillars of Islam ? 5

English Portion

Custom Inspector Paper Batch 4 English Portion 25th April 2019

If you remember questions asked in today's Custom Inspector  paper Batch 4 please share below in comments.

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