Senior Auditor FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 28th July 2019 10:00 Am. Download today FPSC past paper of Senior Auditor in Pakistan Military Accounts Department 2019 morning paper 10:00 Am along with answer key.

English Portion

Q. Identify the Synonymous of the given words

(1) Educible : brought out
(2) Gregarious : sociable
(3) Notorious : infamous
(4) Fated : predestined

Identify Verb type

5. He wanted "to Know ".. Ans Static Verb

6. He "passed"me this information to me Ans Transitive Verb

Identify name type of adverb

7. He drank whole liquor " last " night (A) Adverb of Manner (B) Time of Attitude Ans. Adverb of Time

Highlight the kind of noun

9. A clever trick was played by the "cat " Ans. Concrete Noun

Identify the pronoun

10. "Who " was knocking at the door ? (A) Demonstrative (B) Interrogative (C) Personal pronoun Ans. Interrogative Pronoun

Put suitable conjunction.

11. He exclaimed as ...... if he were very rich. (A) To (B) if (C) because (D) due to

12. He tried to defeat his weariness ..... early in the morning (A) To awoke (B) To be awaken (C) To awake

Pick right noun

13. He achieved many " successes " due to herd work (A) Abstract noun (B) Common noun (C) Concrete noun

Part B- Professional Test

  1. The formal application for retirement from the pensioner is obtained _____before retirement (A) Three Months (B) Six Months (C) One year
  2. The pension payment order PPO must ideally be issued ______ before the date of retirement of Government Servant (A) One Week (B) Fortnight (C) One Month
  3. In PPRA rules 2004 the word " Emergency" means (A) Disaster Accidents (B) Natural Calamities (C) Both A&B
  4. PPRA Rules 2004 are applicable on all Federal Government Agencies for all sorts of competitive bidding (A) National (B) International (B) National and International
  5. Best return for money spent in terms of quality, timelines, price and reliability is called (A) Value Chain (B) Value for Money (C) Supply Chain
  6. The initiation of pension papers should start ____ before a Government Servant is due to retire . (A) One Month (B) Six Months (C) One Year
  7. A person would be called supplier who undertakes the supply (A) Goods (B) Services (C) Works (D) All of these
  8. The responsibility and initiation of pension papers in case of Government Servants holding posts in BPS-16 and above (A) Head of Department (B) Head Officer (C) Officer Concerned himself
  9. The responsibility and initiation of pension papers in case of Government Servants holding posts in BPS-1 to 15 rests with  (A) Head of Department (B) Head Officer (C) Officer Concerned himself
  10. The service book should be got verified from the accounts officer after the ______ & ______ years of service of the official concerned. (A) 5&15 (B) 10&20 (C) 10&24 (D) None of these
  11. The service book of an official should be maintained (A) Duplicate (B) Triplicate (C) Single Original (D) None of these
  12. Contract executed under PPRA rules 2004 is ____ by law (A) Enforceable (B) Not Enforceable (C) Partial Enforceable
  13. A bid is termed as "lower evaluated" if it has (A) low cost and price value (B) low cost and conformity to evaluation criteria (C) low cost and conformity to evaluation criteria and other bidding conditions (D) None of these
  14. The procurement of the same commodity from the same source without competition and included enhancement of contracts is called (A) Petty Purchase (B) Repeat Order (C) Direct Contracting (D) None of these
  15. Collusive practices among bidders to establish price at artificial and non competitive levels fall under the (A) Best International Practices (B) Normal Company Practices (C) Corrupt and Fraudulent practices
  16. The accounts of non trading concerns are generally maintained according to (A) Mercantile Law Accounting System (B) Cash Accounting System (C) Double Entry Book Keeping System .
  17. Depreciation is provided on (A) Current Assets (B) Fixed Assets (C) Fictitious Assets
  18. The permanent, Continuing , and gradual shrinking in the book value of fixed asset due to use, wear and tear  is known as (A) Depreciation (B) Appreciation (C) Reduction
  19. The length of time covered by a set of periodic financial statement is referred to as  (A) Natural Business year (B) Accounting period (C)Business Cycle
  20. Adjusting entries (A) Affect only income account statements (B) Affect only balance sheet accounts (C) affect both income account statements and and balance sheet accounts
  21. Approach to preparing financial statements based on recognizing revenue when they are earned  earned and matching expense to those revenues is (A) Cash basis accounting (B) The matching principle (C) Accrual Basis Accounting
  22. Prepaid expenses, depreciation , accrued expenses, unearned revenues and accurate revenues are example of (A) Items that require contra accounts (B) Items that required adjusting (C) Asset and Equity (D) None of these
  23. Relevant factor in computing depreciation include (A) Cost (B) Salvage Value (C) Useful life (D) All  of these
  24. Salvage Value is also called (A) Also called residual value (B) Scrap value (C) An estimate of the asset Value at the end of its benefit period
  25. A budget is best described as (A) A formal statement of the company future usually expressed in monetary  (B) A master control device (C) An informal statement of the company future
  26. Preparing master budget is the responsibility of (A) Company CEO (B) Marketing Department (C) A budget committee
  27. The usual budget period is (A) Annual period of 250 working days (B) Monthly period separated into daily budgets (C) An Annual period separated in to Quarters and monthly budgets.
  28. Under the diminishing balance method depreciation is calculated (A) Original Value (B) Written down Value (C) Scrap Value  Ans. On Book Value
  29. The amount of depreciation charged on machinery will be debited on (A) Machinery Account (B) Depreciation Account (C) Cash Account (D) None of these
  30. Examples of Non Trading Concerns (A) Commercial Banks (B) Civil Hospital (C) Joint Stock Company

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