Senior Auditor today FPSC paper 28th July 2019 Batch 2

Senior Auditor FPSC today solved paper Batch 2 held on 28th July 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Senior Auditor in Pakistan Military Accounts Department 2019 evening paper 02:00 Pm along with answer key.

1. Financial Budget include all the following except? (A) Sales Budget (B) Budget Balance Sheet (C) A cash Budget . Ans Sales budget
2. Master budget includes ? Ans Operating Budget and Financial Budget All of these
3. Cost which is first assigned to inventory is known as ? (A) Period Cost (B) Product Cost (C) General Cost Ans. Product Cost
4. Selling and administration expenses
5. Balance sheet is prepared on? End of the year
6. What is meant by Deferred taxation ? Fixed liability
7. Depreciation is calculated  on ? Fixed assets
7. Accounting equation is ? Assets=Liability+Equity
8. Government has fixed Pensioner retirement age on ? 60 Years
9. PPR advertising close? Before day submitting bidding
10. which method of depreciation is used by tax authorities? Straight Line Method
11. Depreciation is similar in nature to?
12. What is depreciation?
13. Prepaid expense is?
14. Depreciation is charged on which asset?
15. Non current asset?
16. Salary paid to employees not recorded... What will be the effect?
17. Sale on 10june 15000 sale on 25 June 15000, cash received on 7 July. What will be the total sale on 30th June?
18. Units in the middle on manufacturing process are called?
19. Correct sequence of accounting cycle?
20. The final book/step of accounting cycle?
21. Can the procuring agency issue the tender in local language?
22. In how many languages can tender be issued?
23. What is the limit of amount for which tender must be issued in 2 local news papers and on official website?
24. The type of account used for onward reporting to management?
25. Under which international standards the Financial statements are prepared ?
26. Which of the following is not operating expense?  A. Cost of good sold  B. advertising  C. Freight out  D. None of these
27. L.P.C within 15 days is ____?   A. Mandatory  B. Optional  C. Not required D. None of these
28. Obligations of the businesses are known as ? (A) Assets (B) Liabilities (C) Both A & B
29. Advance payment is ?  (A) Receivable (B)  payable  (C) Bad debt
30. Access of Current Assets over Current Liabilities is known as ? (A) Surplus Capital (B) Capital (C) Surplus Assets
31. Bank charges not recorded in cash book what will be procedure?

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