FPSC Secondary School Teacher test Batch 1 Paper morning 10:00 Am conducted by FPSC on 20 September 2020. The following questions were asked in today paper of  FPSC SST test alongwith some answer Keys.

MCQs of SST FPSC Test Batch 1 2020

  1. Synonyms
    1. Burgher ? Ans Citizen
    2. Abominable? Ans Disgusting
    3. Asphyxiation? Ans Suffocate
    4. Bestir? Ans Rouse
    5. Cogent ? Ans  convincing
    6. Concern? anxiety
    7. Ingenious? unimaginative
    8. Inherit? leave
    9. Invaluable=?
    10. Lure? Deter
    *Grammar Usage*
    11. He swore __to__God.
    12. He spoke these words __on__ his face.
    13. They ran ___directly___ to their college.
    14. It is useless __to cry__ now.
    15. *Crowded* with nervous pets, the vet's office...... Here crowded is adjective.
    16. She was reading a *sad* story. Here sad is adjective.
    17. *Then* he decided to leave. Here then is adverb
    18. She slipped *on* the floor, on is preposition.
    19. I have two cars *but* neither are air conditioned. But is conjunction.
    20. The politician *depended only on his instincts.*
    Professional Section (Pedagogy Portion)
    1. The desired ends that guide organizational behavior are: *goals*
    2. Everyone suffers in the organization when manager and employees work towards *different* goals.
    3. Spearman brown formula is used to compute: *test retest reliability*
    4. Teacher describes the relationship between effort and success is a: *motivator*
    5. Which stage of Piaget's tells object permanence: *sensori-motor*
    6. Punishment: *reforms the offender*
    7. Each employee is responsible to one manager: *unity of command*
    8. Which is not the function of management: *advising*
    9. Text book board was recommended to establish under: *National education commission 1959*
    10. Test blue print are *test specifications*
    11. The choice between 2 or more alternatives is *Decision*
    12. First step in Curriculum design: *Planning*
    13. British approach emphasis on: *Teacher and content presentation*
    14. American approach emphasis on: *learning objectives*
    15. Teacher performs practically and explains in: *Demonstration method*
    16. POSDCORB model was given by: *Gullick*
    17. Assessment and Evaluation are: *Continuous* process .
    18. The educational policy 1978 is regarded as indicator of: *Islamic values*.
    19. Agression is *physical and verbal* where as violence is only *physical*
    20. University Grants Commission established in: *1974*
    21. National Conference 1947 was presided by: *Fazlur Rehman*
    22. Article 25A enforce free education till grade: *10*
    23. Existing educational policy was announced in: *2009*
    24. 2025 goals to increase literacy rate by: *90%*
    25. E and D rules stands for: *Efficiency and Discipline*
    26. Which one is accountable in cooperative learning: *(both a and b) which means individual and group*
    27. Absorbing of new ideas into existing knowledge is: *Assimilation*
    28. Curriculum means: *course of race*
    29. Assessment at the beginning is called: *Placement Assessment*
    30. Symposium is a type of: *Discussion method*
    31. Specific to general: *Inductive learning*
    32. Which is not the advantage of team teaching: *Better financial benefits for teachers*
    33. Syllabus is part of: *Curriculum*
    34. PIMS full form: ?????
    35. First 2 groups of Cognitive domain has weightage of: A. 40% B. 45% C. 50% D. None
    35. Piaget and Vygotsky both were in favour of: ????
    36. In guidance, teacher serves as: ??? A. Facilitator B. Moralist C. Helper D. None
    37. Administration coordinator is a: ??? A. Staff manager B. Line manager C. HR manager D. None
    38. Descriptive Research refers to: ????


If you remember MCQs of Today's Paper of FPSC SST Please share below in the comments. Anyone who know the answer can contribute for the upcoming batches

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