SST 21st September 2020 Today Paper Batch 3 MCQS with Answers

FPSC Secondary School Teacher test Batch 3 Paper morning 10:00 Am conducted by FPSC on 21 September 2020. The following questions were asked in today paper of FPSC SST test along with some answer Keys.

MCQs of SST FPSC Test Batch 3 2020

1. Introspection method lacks in
(A) Validity
(B) Reliability
(C) Objectivity
(D) All of these
2. 1970 Educational conference was headed by.
(A) Noor khan
(B) Abdul Hafeez Perzada
(C) Fazal Ur Rehman
3. Education is preplanned in institution?
(A) Non-formal
(B) Formal
(C) Informal
4. Practice Made in?
(A) Drill method
(B) Lecturer
(C) Demonstration
English Part:
5. While Uk has record revenue this year,............well behind in export.
6. Amana and Tania went shopping but,......... couldn't find anything..........
7. Nuclear energy is........dangerous.
8.If I have money, I ................. purchase it tomorrow.
9. Cannon had .......... unique qualities was used widely in ancient time.
10. Many guests arrived
____ buses.
(A) by
(B) in
(C)  to
(D)  none
11. At leaving plaza, Amina was robbed ____ purse.
(A)  by her
(B)  of her
(C) by hers
(D)  None
12 He dropped his mobile ____ crash.
Professional Part:
13. Education word is derived from a Latin word? Ans  Educere
14. Education according to John dewy ? Learning by doing
15. The basic source of educational objectives is? Human experience
16. The education confined to educational institutions is? Formal education
17. Education is not pre-planned? Informal education
18. To determine value and worth is? Evaluation
19. Every system of education is based on? Ideology of nation
20. National education policy 1970 was headed by? Noor Khan
21. Which is not the focal point of triangular process of teaching? Teaching method ( but I select wrong ) content )
22. Practice is made in? Drill method
23. To use previously learned material in a new situation is? Application
24. Which one is not the psychological principle of teaching? Proceed from complex to simple
25. First component of lesson planning is? Objectives
26. Demonstration means? To show
27. Lesson plan makes the work? Regular, systematic, organized (all of the above .. )
28. In norm reference test the comparison between? Individuals
29.The main advantage of essay type is?
30. A summative evaluation is used?

If you remember MCQs of Today's Paper of FPSC SST Batch 3 Please share below in the comments. Anyone who knows the answer can contribute for the upcoming batches

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