Appraising Officer today FPSC paper 25th September 2020 Batch 2

Appraising Officer FPSC today solved paper Batch 2 held on 25th September 2020 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Appraising Valuation Officer in FBR 2020 Evening paper 02:00 Pm along with the answer keys.

Appraising Valuation Officer solved paper Batch 1 2020

1. Which shortcut key is used to start the Current slide in PowerPoint? Ans Shift+f5
2. PowerPoint is for which purpose?  Ans Presentation
3. Which function display rows data into columns and columns data into rows? Transpose
4. Which shortcut key is used To select the column shortcut key? Ctrl+spacebar
5. If you want to add more columns between A and B then where you should click? 
6. Where you can see the formula in Excel? On formula bar.
7. Ready-made style?  From template
8. Through the slide sorter view we can see all slides.
9.  For titles and bullets. Outline view?
10. Default view in PowerPoint? Normal View
11. To close PowerPoint? Ctrl+w
12. For the next slide in the presentation which key is used? Spacebar
13 .Abhi Nandan was an Indian officer of?  Indian Air Force
14.  Kalbusion Yadav caught from which Province? Balochistan
15. literary meaning of hajj
16. SDC stands for?
17. Name the Grandfather of John Boris?
18. Pakistan got how much international aid to fight COVID 19?
19. The disease spread due to cough or respiratory system? Corona Virus
20. Sikh surrender to whom?  Lord Dalhousie
21. Quaid e Azam hold portfolio of governer r second??
22. Name the PIA hotel situated in New York? Roosevelt Hotel
23. Pakistan join the Russian forum?
24. PLO was founded in which year
25. Neymar is the football player of which country? Brazil
26. Rajab Tayyab president number
27. Pakistan buy Gwadar from? Oman.
28. Literary meaning of hajj? The will of visit
29. How many years did Hazrat Esha R.a live after the demise of Hazrat Muhammad SAAW? 46 years
30. In which Hijri Khalid-bin-Waleed (R.A) died ? 642 AD
31. Zaboor book revealed on which prophet? Hazrat Dawood A.S
32. Gaza e Ahzab meaning? Allies
33.How much camels sacrificed by Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)? 63
34. Ghawa e Badar fought in ? 2 Hijri
35. Hajj is the pilgrimage made to? Makkah
36.Holy Prophet (PBUH) had 10 paternal Uncles and paternal aunts? 6 aunts
37. How prophethood rewarded? Bestowed by Allah
38.Pakistan joined ASEAN on? 2004
39.Palestine liberation organization found in? 28 May 1964
40. Quad e Azam held which other government position other than Governor-General of Pakistan? Refugee rehabilitation
41.Gawadar remained under the rule of Oman for? 200 years
42. David Malpas is 13th President of? World Bank
43. How much World bank gave funds to Pakistan for fighting against COVID 19? 200 Million US Dollars
44. Allah Iqbal did his p.hd from? Munich University Germany
45. State of Bahawalpur joined Pakistan in which year? 14 October 1955
46..The Houthi rebels in Yemen also called? Ansar Allah
47. International women's day will be celebrated on? 8 march 2021
48 .From where kulbhushan yadev arrested from? Balochistan
49. Indian pilot Abhinanden was a? Wing commander
50. What length of Pakistan costal line ? 990 kilometers
51. Who is the Chairman of CPEC authority? Asim Saleem Bajwa
52. SDC is the regional center of ? SAARC

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