Inspector Inland Revenue today paper Batch 1 21st February 2022 fully Solved

Inspector Inland Revenue Test today solved paper Batch 1  10:00 Am held on 21st February 2022. Download today IIR Inspector Inland Revenue 21-02-2022 FPSC past paper of 2022 along with answer key.

 Inspector Inland Revenue Fully solved paper Batch 1

Solved Inspector Inland Revenue today Paper Batch 1  2022 10:00 Am fully solved

  1. Illegal removal of goods is ? (A) Crime (B) violation (C) Breach 
  2.  The adjudicating authority doesn't include?
  3. Non Tax Revenue is ? (A) Export duty (B) Import Duty (C) Dividends (D) None of these 
  4.  Time limit of filing appeal to appellate tribunal against the order of special judge? (A) 30 Days (B) 60 Days (C) 90 Days (D) None of these
  5. Income from business and income from other sources are one head or separate? (A) One Head (B) Separate (C) Both A & B (D) None of these
  6. Capital budget consist of? Capital Receipts
  7. Construction of bridge is done from? (A) Capital budget (B)  Revenue budget (C) Both A & B (D) None of these
  8. Cooperate tax office is headed by?  (A) Chief Commissioner (B) Deputy Collector (C)  Commissioner  (D) None of these
  9. Chairman FBR has also a look after charge of? (A) Secretary Revenue Division (B) Secretary Finance  (C) Both A & B (D) None of these
  10. Tax payers facilitation is related to?
  11. Which of the following is the component of budget? (A) Estimated Revenue (B) Fixed Cost (C) Cash Flow (D) All of the Above
  12. Pakistan Largest import item is? (A) Mineral fuel including oil (B) Electrical Machinery (C) Iron (D) None of the above
  13. What is meant by Depreciation ? 
  14. When a person is terminating a business he is required to ? 
  15. Govt taxing and spending policy is called?
  16. Total income and consumption ratio is called?
  17. Federal fiscal deficit for the year 2020 is ___% of GDP? 
  18. Amount collected by govt from taxes and duties is called? 
  19. Which of them is non tax revenue? (Dividend, import duty, export duty, none)
  20. The expenditure which don't create asset for the Government ? 
  21. If there is no special judge near , the officer IR is bound to get the person presented in front of magistrate within? 
  22. Banking company? 
  23. What is establishment?
  24. Default surcharge rate?
  25. The board can extend the period of proceeding against a person who has claimed input tax or refunded which was not admissible to him, which shall not exceed 60 days, 12 days and?
  26. Goods specified in which schedule are exempted of ST?
  27. To whom the board place the notifications of exemptions for approval? 
  28. Zero rated and tax exempted good are same ?
  29. Penalty where a person repeats an offense? 
  30. Appeal to appellate tribunal is made within?
  31. Inspector Inland Revenue Responsible for ?
  32. Amount collected by Government as taxes and duties is known as ?
  33. Case of the taxpayer is ?
  34. Fake and Flying invoices are relatable to ?
  35. Good Tax System is based on ?


If you remember MCQs of Inspector Inland Revenue Batch 1 Paper please share below in comments . You can also share your obtained marks as per answer keys of Batch 1. 

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Inspector Inland Revenue today Paper Batch 1 21st February 2022  Batch 1 10:00 Am fully solved

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