Inspector ASF today solved paper Batch 1  02:00 Pm held on 22nd February 2022. Download today Inspector Air Port Security Force 22-02-2022 FPSC past paper of 2022 along with answer key.

 Inspector ASF Fully solved paper Batch 1

  1. "Friends Not Masters" Who is the author of this book? Ans Muhammad Ayub Khan
  2. Zulfiqar Bhutto's book name? If I am Assassinated
  3. Shimla agreement was signed between which two President and Prime Minister ? Indira Gandhi (Indian Prime Minister ) and President of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  4. Liaquat Nehru Pact was which kind of pact ? (A)  Army distribution (B) Minority rights 
  5. Name the Largest Museum of the world? Louvre
  6. Who is the current Vice president of USA? Kamala Devi Harris
  7. Which was Last leap year? 2020
  8. Who get Peace noble Peace Prize in 2021? Maria Ressa
  9. Name the Country which won Most Gold Medal Winner of Tokyo Olympics 2020? United States of America
  10. USA withdraw Army From Afghanistan According to which agreement? Qatar Agreement for bringing peace to Afghanistan
  11. KPK total number of Provincial assembly seats after amendment? 145 
  12. Parvez Musharaf retired on which date? 2007
  13. Army amendment act 2020 date
  14. No mask no service policy by ? Bangladesh
  15. FIFA World Cup Women winner? United States
  16. Qadeer khan title? Mohsin-e-Pakistan
  17. Malala Yousafzai Awarded Most Youngest Genius declared by which organization? 
  18. Who was the Youngest martyr of Ghazwa e Uhd? 
  19. How many kuffars were killed in Ghazwa e Khandaq? 8
  20. Who was with Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) saw in Ghazwa e Khyber ?
  21. How many Prophets are mentioned in Holy Quran? 26
  22. Agr Namaz ma bhol jay to kn sa sajda kiya jata h?
  23. What is other name of Ghazwa e Badar? Youm-ul-Furqan
  24. Kashmiri Leader Ali Shah Gillani Died at the age of ? 91 Years
  25. 20th SCO Summit held in ? Dushanbe Tajikistan 

If you remember MCQs of today paper Inspector ASF Batch 1 Paper please share below in comments . You can also share your obtained marks as per answer keys of Batch 1. 

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Inspector ASF solved paper FPSC  2022 held on 22nd February 2022  Batch 1 02:00 Pm

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