CSS Screening Test will be conducted each year by FPSC starting from 2022.  syllabus for CSS 2022 Screening Test or MCQs Based Preliminary Test MPT has been announced now by Federal Public Service Commission. Download  CSS 2021 Screening Test Syllabus in PDF.

After the approval from federal cabinet Federal Public Service Commission has announced that starting from CSS 2022 a screening test will be conducted of 200 marks to judge the abilities of the candidates in different subjects before final exam and only shortlisted candidates will be allowed to appear in CSS Final exam.  MPT test will be conducted in 19 test centers across Pakistan and FPSC has taken the responsibility to conduct this exam . CSS screening test will consist of 200 marks of 200 MCQs Multiple Choice Questions.  Test date for Screening Test 2022 is fixed 20th February 2022. Candidates abilities in CSS screening test 2022 will be judged by the candidates in 9 below given subjects. Passing marks for CSS Screening test is 66 out of 200. Here is the list of CSS Screening test subjects from which MCQs will be taken :

CSS Screening Test Syllabus

Subjects Marks /Content Weightage 
Islamic Studies /Civics & Ethics for Non Muslims  20 
Urdu Grammar Usage /Translation  20
English: Vocabulary, Grammar usage and Comprehension  50
General Abilities   
 Basic Arithmetic  : Algebra and Geometry   
Logical Problem Solving and analytical abilities  60 Marks
Mental abilities   
General Knowledge   
Everyday Science   
Current Affairs  50 Marks 
Pakistan Affairs  

 As it is mentioned above test will be MCQs based and will contain from the following subjects 

Islamic Studies 

Islamic Studies Screening Test will contain 20 MCQs on the Life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Five Pillar of Islam, Holy Books of Islam, Questions related to Holy Quran and Hadith, Life of Sahaba, Hijrat e Madina, Arab Before Islam, Khulfa Rashideen, Misaq e Madina, and other important topics of Islamic Studies. 


Screening test for CSS will also contain  20 MCQs from Urdu Section. It may contain questions related to Grammar usage such as sentence correction, sentences, poetry, poets and translation from Urdu to English etc. 


English is also the part of MPT Screening Test for CSS 2022 and its marks are more from all other subjects . 50 MCQs will be included in the Screening test alone from English Section. It will contain vocabulary, Grammar usage and Comprehension. Vocabulary related question may contain meanings, synonyms and antonyms. Grammar usage may contain questions from sentence correction, active voice and passive voice, direct & indirect and other related questions. 

Basic Arithmetic 

MCQs from Basic Arithmetic section will also be the part of the CSS Screening test. Basic Arithmetic will contain 20 MCQs of 20 Marks. It will include questions from algebra and Geometry . It may include questions for series, equations, real numbers, complex numbers, matrices , adding , subtracting and multiplying Algebraic Expressions. MCQs on geometry include questions related to area calculation, distance calculation, circles, triangle, rectangles etc. 

Current Affairs

MCQs from Current Affairs Section will also be included in Screening test for CSS 2022 . Current Affairs are day to day happenings and it is very vast . There will be 17 MCQs related to Current affairs of 17 marks will be included in MPT test 2022 . Current Affairs MCQs include questions from World Affairs, sports, Pakistani politics, Questions related to who is who and what is what. PSL 2021 , MCQs from ICC Champions trophy. 

Download CSS 2022 Screening Syllabus in PDF, 

Now you can download CSS 2022 MPT Syllabus in PDF or view Online. This syllabus contains  all the  subjects list along with weightage marks distribution ,the paper pattern of all the subjects and Books suggestion for all subjects and CSS 2022 Rules , Eligibility and Age Limit.

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