I have applied for MPT Screening Test 2022 but i am confused from where should i prepare the screening test for CSS exam 2022 as there are many books available and every publisher claiming that their book is best for preparation. As per syllabus of CSS Screening test it contain following subjects 

  1. English
  2. Current Affairs 
  3. Every Day Science 
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. Islamiat (Islamic Studies)
  6. Urdu 

CSS MPT Screening Test Books 

Is there any book available in the market which can cover above mentioned subjects and all the topics for upcoming CSS Screening test 2022. I have found this book for MCQs Based Preliminary Screening Test 2022. I have gone through the contents of the book and I think it will cover Screening test syllabus .

Table of Contents for MPT Screening Test Book 2022 is as under 

  1. Sample Paper : Best thing is this it contain two sample papers which may help us in better understanding of MPT Screening test and content weightages 
  2. English : This portion contains List of Synonyms and Antonyms ,  Grammar usage contain Active Voice , Passive Voice, Direct & Indirect, Sentence Completion Questions, Prepositions, Reading Comprehension Questions , Spotting the error and analogies. 
  3. Pakistan Affairs section contains for preparation of MPT Screening Test : Area, Length of Common Borders, Population of Pakistan (Region Wise ) , Federal Capitals, Provincial Capitals, Administrative set up, National Assembly, Senate of Pakistan, Provincial Assembly seats, Amendments in Constitution of Pakistan, Culture, Canal System of Pakistan, Barrages in Pakistan, Highest Mountains, Mountain Passes, Longest Glaciers, Some Famous lakes, Doabs , Islands of Pakistan, National Symbols of Pakistan, Old Names of the cities of Pakistan, Transportation, Pakistan's Beautiful coldest, highest , Hottest, largest, longest, shortest & smallest objects and places, First in Pakistan. History of the sub Continent, Indian National Movement, Pakistan Movement, Geography of Pakistan, Constitutional Development, Constitution of 1956, Constitution of 1962, The Constitution of 1973 and amendments in the Constitution,  The Karakoram Mountains, A fleeting look on provinces of Pakistan, The Karakoram Mountains, The Hindu Kush Range, Nuclear Powers and Missile Programs, Kashmir Issue , Books on Pakistan. Recent Economic Survey and Budget , Post 2021-22 Budget observations. 
  4. Everyday Science : Universe, Evolution of Life, Human Psychology, Health and Food, Elements, metals and compounds, Atoms, Radioactivity & Nuclear Science, Laws, theories and discoveries, Units of Measurements. 

  5. Current Affairs : National , International , Sports, Obituaries
  6. World General Knowledge Important Affairs : Countries with Areas , Population and Capitals, Currencies Religions and Languages, Countries  Parliaments, World 10 Larges Dams, World's Tallest Building , World Tallest towers, International Airlines, International Airports, Important Rivers, Largest Lakes etc. Famous waterfalls, Nobel Prizes 2021, 
  7. Islamic Studies : Detail of the Holy Quran, Name of the Prophets in the Holy Quran, Surahs after the name of the Prophets, Names of the angels, Duties of the angels, The Months of the Islamic Calendar, Original languages of the Sacred Books, Zakat and Ushar , Ashra Mubashara , First In Islam, Some Important Islamic Events, Wives of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Sons and Daughters of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) 

One important thing regarding MPT Screening Test Preparation Book is that it contain 10 Self Assessment tests of English Section and one exercise from FPSC PPSC Past Paper .

CSS Screening Test Sample Papers 

If you go through the contents of this book on CSS Screening Test it contain two sample papers of CSS MPT Test which will helpful in better understanding the test pattern. 

What's Missing in this Book

As Urdu is also the part of MCQs based Preliminary Screening Test MPT but this book does not contain Urdu Part which is big disadvantage for the CSS aspirants why they should buy this book . Although there is no competition at this level you will only need to pass screening test and get 66 Marks out of 200. If you pass this test then you will be eligible to appear in the CSS 2022 Written Part Final exam. 

Download CSS 22  MCQs Based Preliminary Test  MPT Screening Test by  in PDF format

Some one has  suggested CSS 22 MPT Screening Test by World Times Publication. Can I download this Book free of cost in PDF Format by searching on Google. Can any body share the link  to Download this and this file will be ready to download . 

Best Book for CSS Screening Test 2022

Have some body purchased this book before and what is your experience regarding content of the book . Will you suggest CSS 22 MCQs Based Preliminary Test Book for preparation or not . Please tell in the comment box below. 

Table of Contents CSS 22 MCQs Based Preliminary Test

Check below table of contents of Book on CSS 22 MCQs Based Preliminary test MPT Screeing by World Times Publishers.

table fo conents of CSS 22 MCQs based Preliminary Test Book by World Times Publisher

This book also contain ideas "How to Crack CSS MCQs Based Preliminary Test" and Gurus Advice on test taking strategies etc. Please give your valuable comments on this book. 

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