Longest Sea Bridge Hong Kong Zhuhai Bridge is situated in China and recently inaugurated . Total length of this bridge is 55 KMs which connects Hong Kong with Main Land China via Macau . Total Budget incurred on this bridge is more than $20 Billion. Ships can easily pass under this bridge . One other important feature of this bridge is that it structure is specially designed to overcome earthquakes and typhoons. It was supposed to be inaugurated in 2006 but due to some issues it is still officially inaugurated.

The Longest Sea Bridge in the World is situated in which Country?
(A) England
(B) China
(D) None of the Above.

Correct Answer is : B .China

Only the buses with passengers and freight are allowed over this bridge . Taxes are not allowed . However permits are issued to some cars to cross this bridge . Previously time taken to reach from Hong Kong to Mainland China was 4 hours , through this bridge it is reduced to 30 Minutes only.

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