Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions MCQs on Federal Budget 2021-22 . This MCQs set covers One of the important event Federal Budget  2021 presented on 11th June 2021  .This mcqs set on Pakistan Current Affairs 2021 will be helpful for the preparation of Current Affairs for  CSS , PMS, PCS, FPSC Patrol Officer, Banking Exams and other exams & Interview. Pakistan's Current affairs are the important part in Current Affairs paper of Competitive exams.. Download Pakistan Current Affairs mcqs on Finance for the month of June 2021 in PDF Format here.

1. Federal Government Presented Budget 2021-22 of how much total Worth?
(A) Rs. 8.5 Trillion Rupees
(B) Rs. 9 Trillion Rupees
(C) Rs. 9.5 Trillion Rupees
(D) None of the above.

2. How much amounts is allocated for Public Sector Development Program ?
(A) 2000 Billion Rupees
(B) 2135 Billion Rupees
(C) 2235 Billion Rupees
(D) None of the above.

3. How much amount allocated for agriculture sector ?
(A) Rs. 12 Billion Rupees
(B) Rs. 15 Billion Rupees
(C) Rs. 22 Billion Rupees
(D) None of the Above..

4. How much Amount will be provided to HEC for education Programmes in Pakistan?
(A) 55 Billion Rupees
(B) 66 Billion Rupees
(C) 77 Billion Rupees
(D) None of the above.

5. How much amount is allocated for vaccines procurement in the Federal Budget 2021-22?
(A) $1.1 Billion
(B) $2 Billion
(C) $3 Billion
(D) None of the Above.

6. How much salary and pension increased of the Government Employees and Armed forces Personnel in the Federal Budget 2021-22 ?
(A) 10%
(B) 15%
(C) 20%
(D) None of the Above..

7. Special Grant for Sindh allocated in Federal Budget 2021-22 ?
(A) Rs. 10 Billion
(B) Rs. 12 Billion
(C) Rs. 15 Billion 
(D) None of the Above.

8. Government has set the tax collection target for the Federal Board of Revenue FBR for FY2022 ?
(A) Rs. 5829 Billion
(B) Rs. 4963 Billion
(C) Rs. 6500 Billion
(D) None of the Above.

9. How much amount is reserved for Covid-19 Emergency Fund ?
(A) Rs. 100  Billion Rupees
(B) Rs. 200  Billion Rupees
(C) Rs. 300 Billion Rupees
(D) None of the Above.

10. Sales Tax on locally manufactured vehicles upto 850CC has been decreased from ______ to ______?
(A) 20% to 10%
(B) 17% to 12.5 %
(C) 16% to 12.5%
(D) None of the Above

Answers to Pakistan Current Affairs MCQs Quiz on Federal Budget 2021-22

1. A
2. B
3. A
4. B
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. A
9. A

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