Current Affairs MCQs Quiz for the year 2017  for the preparation of civil service & competitive exams and interviews. Here are the last years 2017 important MCQs. Download daily updated Current Affairs MCQs Quiz which includes international affairs, World Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, includes all the important happenings  for the year 2017 in PDF format. This MCQs set will be helpful for preparation of Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs CSS paper MCQs portion of 2018. 

1. ECO Stands for ___________?
(A) Economic Cooperation Organization
(B) Economic Corporation Organization
(C) Economic Console Organization
(D) None of the above.

2. Headquarter of Economic Cooperation Organization is situated at .
(A) Turkey Istanbul
(B)  Iran Tehran
(C) Pakistan Islamabad
(D) None of the Above.

3.  Total Member of Economic Cooperation Organization are ______? 
(A) 5
(B) 6
(C) 7
(D) 10..

4. 13th Summit of Economic Cooperation Organization was held in which country on 1st March 2017?.
(A) Iran
(B) Turkey
(C) Pakistan
(D) None of the above

5. Name the first female Commissioner of London Metropolitan Police who made the history by appointing as chief of Metropolitan Police?
(A) Cressida Dick
(B) Liliyan Wiles 
(C) Nina Mackay
(D) None of the above.

6.  After How many years the Census held in Pakistan in May 2017?
(A) 16
(B) 17
(C) 18
(D) 19.

7. Shahid Khaqan Abbas is the _______ Prime Minister of Pakistan?
(A) 25
(B) 26
(C) 27
(D) 28.

8. How many countries participated in military exercises of Pakistan Navy  ?
(A) 36
(B) 37
(C) 38
(D) None of the above.

9. Pakistan defeated which country in the final of Champion Trophy 2017?
(A) Australia
(B) West Indies
(C) India
(D) None of the Above..

10. Malala Yousufzai was awarded with which country citizenship in a ceremony ?
(A) Britain
(B) France
(C) Canada
(D) USA 

11. Who was appointed as President of Iran for the Second time in 2017 ?
(A) Mehmooad Ahmedi Nizad
(B) Hassan Rohani
(C) Ali Khamenei
(D) None of the above.

12. Citizens of Catalonia in a referendum decided to leave which country ?
(A) Barcelona
(B) Catalonia
(C) Spain
(D) None of the Above.

13.  Name the Bomb which was dropped on Afghanistan on April 13, 2017? 
(A) Bomb of all Bombs
(B) Mother of all Bombs
(C) Both A & B
(D) 10..

14. Weight of the Bomb "Mother of all Bombs" dropped on Afghanistan is?.
(A) 6 Tons
(B) 10 Tons
(C) 11 tons
(D) None of the above

15. Which Member Country does not participated in the first meeting of Saudi Led Islamic Military Alliance held in November 2017?
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Syria
(D) Qatar.

16.  Total Members of Saudi Led Islamic Military Alliance are?
(A) 34
(B) 36
(C) 40
(D) 41.

17. Turks people had given vote  in a referendum in favor of ___ in 2017?
(A) Presidential form of Government
(B) Unilateral form of Government
(C) Both A&B
(D) None of the Above..

18. In 2017 which Iraqi city was freed from ISIS  ?
(A) Kirkuk
(B) Mosul
(C) Najaf
(D) None of the above.

19. Name of the wife of Indian Spy Agent KulBhshan Jadhav is _______?
(A) Nirmalta
(B) Priyanaka
(C) Chetankul
(D) None of the Above..

20. The Census held in May 2017 is _____ Census of Paksitan .
(A) 4th
(B) 5th
(C) 6th
(D) USA 

Answers to  Current Affairs MCQs 30th November 2017

1. A
2. B
3. D
4. C
5. A
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. C
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. C
15. D
16. D
17. A
18. B
19. C
20. C

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