General Science Multiple Choice Questions MCQs with Answers are specially prepared to help you in preparation of competitive examinations. General Science and ability is the compulsory subject in CSS . We have collected MCQs of Everyday Science and General Science . This MCQs set will help you in preparation of CSS , PMS and other exams of FPSC, NTS, PTS, BTS and one of the main important thing this will enhance your knowledge in general science. 

1. When the moon comes between Sun and Earth and Sun light unable to reach on earth this type of eclipse is known as 

(A) Lunar Eclipse 

(B) Solar Eclipse 

(C) Partial Solar Eclipse 

(D) None of These

2. When the earth comes between Moon and Sun and Sun light is unable to reach on moon this type of solar eclipse is known as 

(A) Solar Eclipse

(B) Lunar Eclipse

(C) Partial Lunar Eclipse

(D) None of These 

3. Last solar eclipse occurred in Pakistan on _________?

(A) 10 August 2017

(B) 12 August 2017 

(C) 14th August 2017

(D) 21st August 2017.

4.  Total Land Area of the earth is ?

(A) 5,75,06,000 sq.miles 

(B) 13, 94, 34, 000 sq. miles 

(C) 19, 69, 40,000 sq.miles

(D) None of these

5. Closet Distance of the Sun from the Earth is ____________.?

(A) 91.4 Million miles

(B) 94.5 Million miles

(C) 92.9 million miles

(D) 93.9 Million miles

6. Average Distance of the Sun from the Earth is __________.?

(A) 92.9 million miles

(B) 93 Million miles

(C) 94 Million miles

(D) 95 Million miles

7. Weight of the Earth is ____________?

(A) 6586X1018 tons

(B) 6587X1018 tons 

(C) 6588X1018 tons

(D) 6589X1019 tons

8. Period of Rotation of Earth on Axis is ___________?

(A) 1 day or 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09 seconds

(B) 1 day or 24 hours

(C) 1 day or 23 hours , 56 minutes and 3.09 seconds

(D) 1 day or 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds

9.  The layer which is about 10 to 50 Kilometers above the surface of the earth is _________?

(A) Troposphere

(B) Stratosphere

(C) Mesosphere 

(D) Ionosphere

10. The layer which is about 480 KM above the surface of the earth is __________?

(A) Mesosphere

(B) Thermosphere

(C) Exosphere

(D) Stratosphere

11. Air constitutes How much Amount percentage  of Nitrogen N2?

(A) 78.110 %

(B) 78 %

(C) 79%

(D) 80%

12. Air Constitutes how much percentage of Oxygen ?

(A) 20%

(B) 20.953%

(C) 20.9

(D) 21%

13. Air Constitutes how much percentage of Hydrogen ?

(A) 0.00002

(B) 0.00003

(C) 0.00004

(D) 0.00005

14. Highest Maximum Temperature recorded in the history of World in Death Valley , California , United States on 10th July 1913 was ________.

(A) 134 Fahrenheit 

(B) 135 Fahrenheit

(C) 136 Fahrenheit 

(D) 137 Fahrenheit

15. Smallest Continent of the World is ____________?

A. North America

B. South America

C. Europe 

D. Australia (Oceania) 

Answers to  Questions of  General  Science Set 1

1. B

2. B


4. A

5. A

6. A

7. A

8. A

9. B

10. C

11. A

12. B

13. D

14. A

15. D


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