Inspector ASF FPSC today solved paper held on 4th January 2020 10:00 Am Batch 4. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in ASF Air Port Security Force Department 04-01-2020 Morning paper along with answer key.

1) Anniversary of Berlin Wall fall Dec 2019  ? 30th
2) UN Climate Change Conference Cop 25 held in ?  Spain
3) Saad Hariri stepped down which country he belonged ?  Lebanon
4) IAEA headquarter is situated in which Country? Vienna
5) Protest on Imposing tax on whatsapp which country?  Lebanon
6) First time in the history of 72 years, which country stopped postal -Pakistan
7) Coin of Rs. 50  issued by State Bank of Pakistan contain whose picture ?  Guru Nanak
8 ) President of which Country ordered to kill drug dealers-? President of Philippine
9) Simla conference was held in which year? 1945
10) Which year is known as Turning point year for Muslims?  1906
11) Karachi declared FA by legislative assembly ? May 1948
12) Dir, chitral and sawat incorporated in NWFP in which year? 1969
13) Which river does not flow from Jammu and Kashmir? Ravi
14) Other name of Bogra Formula?  constitution formula
15) Role in APWA?  Begum Rana Liaquat
16) Length of the Durand line is ?  2430KM
17) National code of Pakistan? Pak
18) First Holy Book which was revealed?  Turaat
19) Hazrat Muhammad PBUH daughters?  4
20) Fifth Pillar of Islam? Hajj
21) Ghazwa e Badr was fought in which Hijri year ? 2
22) First caliph?  Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)
23) Guardianship of Muhammad PBUH ?  Abu Talib
24) Hazrat Khadija and Abu Talib died?  10 year of Nabowat
25) Title of Zun Nurain?  Hazrat Usman
26) urdu meaning - Army
27) Tree- Deodar
28) Bird
29) Urdu language words from other language? T
30) Islamic name of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique?
31. Average of 4 childrens is
32. The age of mother is increase to 5 years of their average. So the age of mother is.....
33. Which country reject to their send their posts to india after 72 years?  Pakistan
34. Average of five consecutive even number is ... what is the largest even number. (A) 38 (B) 40 (C) 42 (D) none of these.
35. What's the three digits largest number? (A) 997 (B) 999 (C) 990 (D) None of these
36. National bird  ? Chakor
37. National Tree ? Deodar
38. Asf Act was framed? 1976
39. Number of tourists increase percentage from 2016-2017 in Pakistan? 7%

If you remember mcqs of today's Inspector ASF FPSC paper Batch 4 please share below in comments.

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