Tehsildar today solved paper English Comprehensive and Composition held on 7th November 2021 10:00 Am. Download PPSC past paper of Tehsildar 2021 in Board of Revenue Department Government of Punjab 07-11-2021 morning paper 10:00 Pm along with answer key.

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  1.  Every cloud has a ____? Ans Silver Lining
  2. Familiarity breeds.....? Contempt
  3. All those go to church are not saints " Choose the best Urdu Idiom from given option? Ans. بغل میں چھری میں میں رام رام
  4. Obstreperous synonym ? Noisy and Difficult to Control
  5. Flagitious synonym ? Villainous
  6. Scapegoat meanings ? Mislead to others
  7. What is meant by Mephitic?  Offensive to the Smell.
  8. What is meant by کالعدم ?  Null and void   
  9. What is meant by فروغ ?  Develop 
  10. What is meant by مزموم  ?  Evil
  11. What is meant by  رنجش?  Anguish
  12. What is meant by acknowledged?  Admitted 
  13. Synonym of "Economize" ? to Save
  14. What is meant Evil? Immoral مذموم
  15. The one who knows everything ? Omniscient
  16. The sun _____n the west ? sets
  17. Unless you ____ hard, you can't pass? hard
  18. Either he or I ____ to blame ? am
  19. Elderly couple spotted along ____ beach ? the
  20. The plague in London  _______? Break out 
  21. He was _____ hesitating to choose. ? Persistently
  22. The thief took to his heels to avoid ______of police? Pursuit
  23. He don't know the answer ____ i told him? in spite
  24. The Badshahi mosque is monumental mosque in Lahore. 
  25. Can I ________ on this cloth ? Try Out 
  26. He dropped the call _____ I could explain to him ? Before 
  27. I think show was ______good? Ans Turned out
  28. I was in the car ____. ? Which caused an accident
  29. ____ the contrary, I am proud of it ? On 
  30. Ask the driver _____? How long does it take to the station
  31. If i had, You______.
  32. What is meant by "Take into the Account" ?  Ans. ملحوظ خاطر
  33. دھینگا مشتی Write the English word? Tussle 
  34. Flustered meanings ? Agitated or confused
  35. Analogy Toss : Hurl :: ? Speak : Shout
  36. What is the antonym of Aboriginal ? Non native or modern
  37. Wearisome Antonym ? Refreshing 
  38. What is the antonym of transience ?
  39. A wolf in the _____ clothing? Ans Sheep
  40. Child born after father's death is known as? Posthumous
  41. Complete the idiom  Out of the frying pan...? Into the fire
  42. What is meant by Jeer at ? to insult some one
  43. Meaning of Pick and Span idiom? Clean and tidy
  44. One Should do  _____ duty (Idiom) One's
  45. Turn the table (Idiom) Change the situation
  46. One word Substitute "A post for which no salary is paid.... "? Honorary
  47. One word Substitute " A group of fish" ? Shoal
  48. Fear of heights.... ? Acrophobia
  49. Caesarean meaning? surgical procedure for child delivery
  50. رنجش ? Enmity
  51. Meaning of Bellicose? Warlike situation
  52. Wheedle meaning? Deceive.
  53. What is meant by Persistently? Continuously
  54. Analogy Man : Men ? :: Goose : Geese 
  55. To be rolling in the money? Very Rich
  56. To cut the Sorry figure idiom ?  Criticize  "To appear in a way or make an impression that causes oneself to be regarded unfavorably by others."
  57. To throw up sponge idiom ? to give up
  58. Tremendous Spelling correction ? Tremendous
  59. Choose the correct word spelling Manoeuvre?  Maneuver
  60. Choose the correct spelling ? Genuine 
  61. Meaning of the idiom "Burry the hatchet" ? End the quarrel or enmity or become friendly
  62.  ہنگامی حالت Write the English of this word ? Emergency
  63. Change the narration She said, " My brother is a doctor". Ans She said that her brother is a doctor. 
  64. Choose the Correct sentence, " I have got a headache" . Ans. I have got headache.
  65. Choose the correct sentence " Tahir is to have mechanic to fix the car"
  66. You and I ____ partners . (A) is (b) are (c) am (d) None of these Ans. are 
  67. The lawyer advised the witness ? 
  68. To have cold feet Idiom? To be afraid of  or to hesitate (D) None of these
  69. Diana would have got up earlier if The alarm clock went off on time? 
  70. Weather forecast. Ans. i wouldn't have watered the flowers

Change the Voice of the Following sentences

  1. Take it out ? Ans . Let it be taken out 
  2. A key was left for you at reception ? 
  3. Are they blaming us ? Are we being blamed by them.

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