Inspector Investigation FIA today FPSC paper 8th January 2019

Inspector Investigation FPSC today solved paper Batch 5 held on 8th January 2019 10:00 Am. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector in Federal Investigation Agency 2019 morning paper 10:00 Am along with answer key.

Inspector FIA solved paper Batch 5

  1. Synonym of Veracity? Ans Accuracy, Authenticity
  2. Antonym of Destitute? Ans Affluent, Rich
  3. Antonym of Cohesive? Detached
  4. Antonym of Furious? Calm, Happy, Cheeful
  5. US next Presidential election will be held in____? Ans 2020
  6. Atique was the  title of? Ans Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique
  7. Which cricketer equal record with imran Khan in test match? Yasir Shah
  8. FIFA 2018 Football World Cup hosted by which Country? Russia
  9. Who is the current Chief Minister of KPK? Mahmood Khan
  10. >How many types of Faith are there in Islam ? 3
  11. CPEC will pass through which zone of Pakistan? Gwadar , Balochistan
  12. Which Indian State is situated near Kartarpur border? Punjab
  13. Which Muslim country showed interest in CPEC? Saudi Arabia
  14. Light year is unit of____? Distance
  15. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during marshal law imposed in 1958? Feroze Khan Noon
  16. Jumma prayer is not compulsory for? Women
  17. Bangladesh separate from Pakistan? 1971? 26th March 1971
  18. Pakistan accept Bangladesh as a Independent state? 1974
  19. When Qadiani declared non Muslims by the Parliament of Pakistan ? 1974
  20. Pakistan Army conducted Military Exercises with which Country in October 2018? Russia
  21. Tashkent Declaration signed on which date ? 10th January 1966
  22. Friends not Masters a Political Autobiography of _____? Muhammad Ayub Khan
  23. In US Senate which party has the majority ? Republican
  24. Panama is situated in which Continent? North America
  25. Dengue is Caused by what? Aedes Mosquito (A) Aedes (C) Bacteria (C) Virus (D) None of these
  26. Capital of USA is ____? Washington DC
  27. When the First Hajj was performed ? 9 Hijri
  28. Who is the Current Chief of Air Staff Pakistan ? Mujahid Anwar Khan
  29. Which is the Current Ruling Party in India ? BJP
  30. Pakistan became the permanent member of SCO on which date ?
  31. Next G 20 summit will held in which Country? Osaka  (a) Osaka (b) Riyad (c) Brussels (d) None of Above
  32. Number of Bows in holy Quran: 14
  33. CPEC will pass through which route ? D. All of these (A) Eatern route (C) western route (C) Central route (d) All of these
  34. Multan Metro Bus Service is funded by? C (A) World bank (B) CPEC (C) Government of Punjab(D) None of these
  35. Meaning of idiom” Beat the Air? Ans To keep doingsomething apparent pointlessness or
  36. Meaning of idiom” Finger in Every Pie"?  Involved in lot of things
  37. When the terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawer? Ans 16th December  2014
  38.  Which heating element is used in electric Heater?  Nichrome
  39. Finest filament produced by human skin is ? (A)Hair (B) Nails
  40. Nisaab of Zakat for Silver?  52 Tolas
  41. I965 war continued for how many days? 17 days
  42. Loudness of the sound depend upon its ____? Amplitude (A) Pitch (B) frequency (C) Amplitude (D) All of these
  43. From which Country Maximum number of pilgrims visit Saudi Arabia each year ?
  44. What is weight of Human heart ?  310 Grams (A)200 Grams (B) 400 Grams (C) 300 Grams 
  45. Who was assigned the task for the collection of transcripts of Holy Quran by Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A) (A)Hazrat Amir (B) Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit (c) Hazrat Usama
  46. Which is the most detailed and long Amendment in the 1973 constitution of Pakistan?
  47. In recent midterms election of USA which party gained the majority ? (A) Republicans (B)Democrats (D) Independents  (D) None of the Above
  48. Which is the Unit of work in C.G.S system ? Erg (A) Erg (B) Joule (C) Newton
  49. Terms Oasis is associated with ____? Deserts
  50. Average per person income(per capita income) of a Pakistani in 1947-48 was? 
  51. Which Gas is used in Soda Bottles ? Ans CO2

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