Appraising Valuation Officer today FPSC paper 27th April 2019 Batch 2

Appraising Valuation Officer today solved paper Batch 2 held on 27th April 2019 10:00 Pm. Download today's FPSC past paper of Appraiser in Pakistan Customs 2019 morning paper 27-04-2019 along with answer key.

Appraising Officer solved paper Batch 2

  1. Peace Talks between Afghan Government and Taliban held in which Country recently? Moscow, Russia
  2. First Case of Polio Virus found in which city Pakistan ? Bajur Agency
  3. Last General Election 2018 was the ......... election of Pakistan ? 11th
  4. Voter Turn Out in General Election 2018 was ......? 55.8
  5. Who is the Current Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court ? Justice Athar Minallah
  6. Who is the Current Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court? Sheikh Najam Ul Hassan
  7. President Arif Alvi took oath as President of Pakistan on ? 9th September 2018
  8. What was the reason behind shut down of US Government recently ? For approval of  $5.7 Billion for construction of wall on Mexico border
  9. Which team was the runner up team of FIFA World Cup 2018? Croatia
  10. For the approval of Military Courts , the amendment made in the 1973 constitution was....... ?21st
  11. Who is the current Deputy Secretary General of United Nations ? Aminah J. Mohammed
  12. Laser is discovered by Whom? Theodore H. Maiman
  13. Shortcut key for spellings check? Alt+f7 keys
  14. Which shortcut keys are used to move to next paragraph in Microsoft Word? Shift+ Alt Key
  15. Which key is used to end Slide Show in Powerpoint? Escape
  16. Which key is used to pause slides in Powerpoint? F Key
  17. Which shortcut keys are used to close windows in Microsoft Word ? CTRL+W

If you remember questions asked in today's Appraising Officer paper Batch 2 from Basic Arithmetic, English, Pakistan Affairs and Every Day Science please share below in comments.

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