Senior Auditor today FPSC paper 31st July 2019 Batch 6

Senior Auditor FPSC today solved paper Batch 6 held on 31st July 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Senior Auditor in Pakistan Military Accounts Department 31.07. 2019 morning paper 02:00 Am along with answer key.

  1. Auditing begins ? where accountancy ends
  2. An internal auditor is an auditor who is ? Ans appointed by the management of the company
  3. Current asset minus current liabilities
  4. Pakistan use IAS
  5. Owners of the company are ? shareholders
  6. Bonds are long term?  liability
  7. Unearned revenues are ? advance payments received
  8. National income is sum of factor income
  9. Objective of GATT is to reduce ?Ans trade barriers
  10. Office supplies used up should be?  Expensed
  11. Share can be issued at par discount and premium
  12. Broker is not a speculator
  13. A person who want to check particular account will ? check ledger
  14. Audit of transaction does not include – efficiency –cum performance audit
  15. Balance sheet audit includes verification of_ Asset, Liability and Income and expense accounts where appropriate
  16. The work of one clerk is automatically check by another is part of internal check system
  17. Process of starting a business is called entrepreneurship
  18. Internal control includes internal check
  19. The main objective of investigation is all
  20. A credit entry can increase liability
  21. Deficit Balance is?  liability
  22. Credit card company investigate the?  credit
  23. Depreciation is not charged on what ?  Land
  24. Depreciation is a process of allocation
  25. Depreciation charged on ? continuous basis
  26. Depreciation is charge due to?  wear and tear
  27. Diminishing is also called ? written down value method
  28. Wasting assets are mines
  29. Depreciation is charged on depreciable value
  30. Machine is purchased in 90000
  31. Loss of usefulness obsolescence
  32. Depreciation is charged as what?  expense
  33. The value shown after depreciation is net book value
  34. If a bidder intends to modify the bid after being opened ? not allowed
  35. In case of ambiguity ? PPRA can seek and accept clarification
  36. For alternate technical proposal uses?  two stage two envelope
  37. Performance guarantee is given by ? all of the bidders
  38. Procuring agency can not disclose?  information before evaluation report
  39. Company has its own code of practice
  40. During the night the stars came out like diamonds on black velvet
  41. The bill payment is issued from this office
  42. She looks like a star
  43. Plan have been drawn up
  44. This a prime example of what not to do
  45. Borrowing department
  46. PPO cannot be held after 6 months
  47. Auditor sign Part III of pension form
  48. Medical certificate with pension form
  49. Two parties involved in credit card
  50. Concurrent Audit is part of internal audit system
  51. Accounting principles are generally based on practicability
  52. Effect of EPA is not expenditure audit
  53. Internal auditor cannot be hired as statutory auditor

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