Assistant Director AD Investigation today FPSC paper 22nd October 2019 Batch 2

Assistant Director FPSC today solved paper Batch 2 held on 22nd October 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of AD investigation FIA 2019 evening paper 02:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. East Timor was part of which country until 1975? Ans Portuguese
  2. SAARC Head quarter situated in? Kathmandu, Nepal
  3. Which is the Capital of Maldives? Male
  4. Tashkent is capital of which Country? Uzbekistan
  5. Who is the Current Prime minister of Japan? Shinzo Abe
  6. Who is the Current Exterior minister of Russia? Sergei Lavrov
  7. CEPC start from? Kashgar
  8. Name the organization which is involved in Palwama attack? Jaish-e-Muhammad
  9. Poet Rehman baba died in which year? 1706, Peshawer
  10. Upper house of Indian Parliament is known as? Rajya Sabha
  11. Name the Country who is going to construct oil refinery in Gwadar? Saudi Arabia

  12. Libel
  13. Gregarious
  14. Sophomoric
  15. Sequel
  16. Emancipate

  17. Decree
  18. Altercation
  19. Putrefaction
  20. Symbiosis
  21. Propel
    Grammar Questions
  22. 1)Such was not really my intentions about case. What is such is this sentence ? (A) Noun  (B) Pronoun (C) Adjective
  23. In late 60's his father was the only educated man in our village who won really a good name to the family. What is main verb in this sentence?
  24. the the piles of gold.
  25. still is what adjective...pronoun...noun...none
  26. Overindulgence ....both personalities as well as character....ans was debilities
  27. Starch is an antidote....iodine. Ans is for
  28. He is really .....with hearing due to his old age... I choose with preposition
  29. well who could have thought it earlier . what is well in this sentence

    Every Day Science and other Questions
  30. Which of the following is the Coldest layer of the atmosphere? Mesosphere
  31. Magnetic oxide formula ? fe2o3
  32. Dielectric constant of water? 80
  33. Carbon refined form? Blister
  34. Forces acting on a point? Concurrent
  35. After meting rocks which new form is formed? indigenous rocks
  36. Detente means ? Reconciliation
  37. During cold war official name of west Germany? Federal republic of Germany
  38. According to 2017 Census Population of Pakistan is ?   212,742,631

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