Assistant Director FPSC today solved paper Batch 4 held on 23rd October 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of AD FIA Batch 4 2019 evening paper 02:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Who can amend the rules of FIA?
    A) Federal goverment
    B) Parliament
    C) Both A and B
    D) None of these
  2. NPT stands for ? Non proliferation treaty
  3. Alan faqir was ? Sindhi poet (Folk Singer)
  4. BRI stands for what ?  Belt road initiative
  5. New START is a agreement between which two countries ? Russia and USA
  6. Imam Bukhari born in which Hijri year? 194 AH
  7. Ahmad name mentioned in which Surah? Surah saff...
  8. Hazrat Khadija R.A age at time of death?  65 years
  9. Saif Ullah is title of ? Hazrat Khalid bin Walid R. A
  10. Who is the Current President of India?  Ram Nath kovind
  11. Which Country was the largest oil producer in world in 2018? USA
  12. Reconciliation.. Islam, democracy and west book written by whom? Benazir Bhutto
  13. Nationalization of Suel canal in 1956 by. whom? Abdel Nasser.. Egyptian President
  14. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) belonged to which family?  HASHMI family
  15. Jallainawala Bagh massacre occurred in which year?  13 April 1919
  16. Sindh separation from Bombay demanded by a Indian national congress member by.?
  17. Neptune spear operation was against whom?  Osama bin laden
  18. Eid prayer is ? Sunnah
  19. Pakistan is hard Country written by whom?  Anatol Lieven
  20. Battle Yarmouk was fought between? Muslims and roomees (Byzantine Empire)
  21. Who is the Current Prime Minister of UK? BORIS JOHNSON
  22. Prime Minister Imran Khan met with trump on ... ?  22nd July 2019
  23. Pre-aryans were..... ?
  24. Fazle Hassan elected in legislative assembly ?(A)  Punjab assembly seat (B) Farmers seat (C) Muslim seat (D) None of the above
  25. First constitution of Pakistan ?  1956
  26. Turn out of General Election 2018? 55.8%
  27. Who is the Current Secretery state of USA? Mike Pompeo
  28. Yasir arafat was leader of which organization?  Al Fateh
  29. Hydrogen has a positive?
  30. Most abundant element in earth crust? Oxygen
  31. Laser was discovered by? Theodore Maiman
  32. Theory of relativity is given by? Albert Einstein
  33. Formula of density?  p=m/v
  34. Radioactivity was discovered by? Henry Becquerel
  35. Masjid Qiblatein is in? Medina
  36. Total member states in EU  ? 28
  37. Synonyms
  38. Bigotry (Prejudice, Bias)
  39. Abatement (Lessening)
  40. Manifesto ( Platform, Programme)
  41. Meticulous (Careful, diligent)
  42. Phony

Capricious (Constant)


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