Custom Inspector FPSC today solved paper Batch 1 held on 31st August 2021 02:00 Pm. Download today FPSC past paper of Inspector Customs / Intelligence Officer in Pakistan Customs FBR  Department 31-08-2021 evening paper 02:00 Pm along with answer key.

  1. Who is the richest man of 2021? Ans Jeff Bezos 
  2. Which Short cut key for opening font dialog box?  CTRL+D
  3. which short cut key is used for select All? CTRL+A
  4. Who is the current President of FATF ? Dr. Marcus Pleyer
  5. Who is the current President of UN General Assembly?  Abdulla Shahid
  6. Who is the current head of Common Wealth? Queen Elizabeth II 
  7. One who is innocent in human beings is called ? Prophets
  8. 1st belief of Islam? No deity except Allah
  9. 2nd belief of Islam? Belief in Angels of Allah
  10. Which country is hosting the 2023 South Asian Games ? Pakistan
  11. Which country is banned from USA and UK for Covid19? Iran
  12. MS office is ? Application Software
  13. Which short key is used for hyper link? CTRL+K
  14. Which short cut key is used for align the text in center? CTRL + E
  15. What is the Opposite of Tahueed? Shirk
  16. Who is the current President of USA?  JOE Biden
  17. The price(s) of meat ...... increased twice in this year(is/have been) is
  18. He arrived ........ to catch the train (in time/on time) on time
  19. There was a sentence to identify which type is it. It was "complex sentence".
  20. I m not able to recall it evidently.
  21. He..... his job last week(was leaving/left) left
  22. Who is the Women cricketer of the decade? Ellyse Perry
  23. What is the Literal meaning of faith? Believe in oneness of almighty Allah
  24. Which shortcut key is used to find and replace text in a file.? CTRL+H
  25. Zaboor was revealed on which Prophet? Hazrat Dawood (A.S)
  26. Who is the current Secretary General of UN? Antonio Guterres
  27. Sovereignty belongs to Allah alone.
  28. Literal meaning of shirk
  29. Navy's Aman 2021 multinational maritime exercises hosted by which Country? Pakistan
  30. Account of Donald Trump was banned permanently  by which social media company ? (A) Facebook  (B) Twitter  (C) Instagram
  31. EU making new strategy with ?(A)  Uk (B) Japan  (C) China
  32. In 1988 Zia-ul-Haq dissolved parliament according to which act ?
  33. Muslims of subcontinent met the viceroy for demanding separate electorates in which year ? 1905 , 1906
  34. When was 1962 constitution abrogated ?  (A) 1969  (B) 1970 ,1971
  35. What was the base of agitation of Partition of Bengal ? 

Maths portion

  1. (r+½r)²+(r-½r)²= 
  2. 440 students passed, 20% failed how many total? 
  3. ¼ of number exceed half of that by 50 =?
  4. Out of 150 ppl there 90 male, %of female?
  5. Quarter of 1%?
  6. 55800 infected people  by covid 2% how many survived somewhat similar

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