Inspector ASF today solved paper Batch 2 10:00 Am held on 23rd February 2022. Download today Inspector Air Port Security Force 23-02-2022 FPSC past paper of 2022 along with answer key.

 Inspector ASF Fully solved paper Batch 2

  1. In 1965 general election who was the opponent of Ayub khan? Fatima Jinnah
  2. Who was founder of people party? Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
  3. Total Number of Azad Kashmir legislative Assembly seats? 53
  4. Who was 27th Chief Justice of Pakistan? Gulzar Ahmed
  5. Hudood ordinance year? 1979
  6. Name the Most arms exporter country? USA
  7. Muhammad Khan Junejo belong to which Province? Sindh
  8. Name of current High commissioner of Pakistan in India? Aftab Hassan Khan
  9. Name of Pakistani COVID 19 Vaccine prepared through Chine help? Pakvac
  10. China Vaccine name? Sinovac
  11. When Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)  migrated from Makkah to Medina stayed in.. ..cave? Hira
  12. Who is the current Supreme leader of Taliban? Hibatullah Akhunzada
  13. Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed replaced by which Minister? Azam Khan Swati
  14. Eid ul fitr was obligated after what incident?
  15. latest divorce popular couple?
  16. Who is the Current UN secretary general? Antonio Guterres 
  17.  1/6 is what percent of 3/7? 
  18. Find the value of x+y when x:y is 7:9
  19. In 1999 Nawaz Sharif was govt was dismissed due to? 
  20. Ten Commandments on.. Prophet?
  21.  (x+1/x) whole square + (y-1/y) whole square=?
  22. Who is the current UNGA President?  (A) Abdullah Shahid (B) Volkar, Tabbane (D) None of these
  23. Kuwait President?
  24. Clin dictionary word of the year? (COVID 19, Pandemic, lockdown, None of these) 
  25. OIC recognize Pakistan effort for COVID on which date?
  26. Last Government paid importance to which of the following sector? (A) Industrial (B) Agricultural (C) Cottage Industry  (D) None of these
  27. Wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) with him at the place of Hudebiah?  (A) Hazrat Aisha (Ra) (B) Hazrat Maria( Ra) (C)  Ume Salma (Ra  (D) None of these
  28. After the conquest of Makkah, first to accept Islam? Abu Sufyan
  29. Anti Terrorism Laws under which section? 
  30. Anti Narcotics law under which section? 
  31. As per law it is the duty of police to (A) Decorum of police (B) help Disables and minors (C) help in road accidents (D) None of these
  32. Whichever is? (Pronoun, Adj, Adv, no )
  33. Himself is?  (A) Reflexive Pronoun (B) adv (C) complement (D)  None of the above
  34. Terrifying behavior?  (A) Adjective (B) Adverb (C) Noun (D) None of these
  35. We go to the mall and _____ the flyer? (A) tipped (B)  took (C) None of these
  36. Might? (Phrasal Verb)
  37. Complement 
  38. Last, is which degree of adjective? (A) Positive (B)  Superlative (C) comparative (D)  None of these

If you remember MCQs of today paper Inspector ASF Batch 2 Paper please share below in comments . You can also share your obtained marks as per answer keys of Batch 1. 

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