Current Affairs MCQs Set 12 for CSS, NTS and PMS Exams

Current Affairs MCQS Set 12 for the Preparation of NTS, PPSC, FPSC, BPSC, SPSC and other exams all over the World. 

1. The  current session of United Nations General Assembly which is in progress is _________ Session.
(A) 70th
(B) 71st
(C) 72nd 
(D) None of These

2.  Who is the winner of USA Open Tennis Tournament 2017 in Mens Single ?
(A) Rafael Nadal
(B) Jean-Julien Rojer
(C) Horia Tecau
(D) None of These

3. On September 3, 2017North Korea conducted test of which bomb ?
(A) Nuclear Bomb
(B) Hydrogen Bomb
(C) Inter Continental Missile 
(D) None of these

4. Which Animal is the symbol of long life in Korea?.
(A) Tiger
(B) Lion
(C) Cat
(D) Deer

5. Who is Prime Minister of Israel?
(A) Benjamin Netanyahu
(B) Ehud Ulmert
(C) Ehud Barak
(D) None of These

6. Who is the developer of Blue Whale Challenge Game  ?
(A) Philip Budeikin
(B) Gabe Newell
(C) Sid Meier
(D) None of These

7. Developer of Blue Whale Challenge Belong to Which Country ?
(B) United Kingdom
(C) Russia
(D) Israel

8. Nobel Peace Prize 2016 Awarded to ___________.
(A) Juan Manuel Santos 
(B) Bob Dylen
(C) Malala Yousufzai
(D) Barak Obama

9. Which Pakistan Player Banned for 5 years for playing cricket against the charges of Spot Fixing ?
(A) Sharjeel Khan
(B) Khalid Latif
(C) Mohammad Amir
(D) None of these

10. Who is the Chairman of Federal Public Service Commission?
(A) Nargis Sethi
(B) Naveed Akram Cheema
(C) Rizwan Ul Haq Mehmood
(D) Akhlaq Tarrar


Answers to MCQs Current Affairs Set-12

1. C
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. A
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. B

Rizwan Khan
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