Custom Inspector today FPSC paper 30th April 2019 Batch 6

Custom Inspector today solved paper Batch 6 held on 30th April 2019 02:00 Pm. Download today's FPSC past paper of Custom Inspector/ Intelligence Officer in Pakistan Customs 2019 evening paper along with answer key.

Custom Inspector solved paper Batch 6

  1. Julian Assange belongs to which Country? Australia
  2. (125)2/3?
  3. Quaid-e-Azam resigned from Congress in which year? 1920
  4. US purchased Alaska state from which Country? Russia
  5. Number of Fiqa sources ?
  6. Who was premier of Pakistan after Liaquat Ali Khan? Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
  7. Who is the Current President of Brazil? Jair Bolsanaro
  8. Who launched 5G in 2018? Samsung
  9. Short key to increase font size? CTRL+Shift+>
  10. Which Country will Host ICC T20 World cup  2020? Australia
  11. Who abrogated 1st Constitution of Pakistan of 1956? Iskander Mirza
  12. First Martial Law was imposed by whom? Iskander Mirza
  13. Who presented Lahore Resolution? Fazalul Haq
  14. When Basic Principles committee presented formula ? 1952
  15. First constitutional assembly tenure ?
  16. First Umayyad Caliph was ? Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan
  17. Current Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa will retire on .....? 20th December 2019
  18. 100 Hufaz martyred in which battle? Jang-e-Yamama
  19. United national security council adopted Resolution to extend sanctions 2019?
  20. We are Displaced Book written by ? Malala Yousufzai
  21. 18th Shanghai Summit held in ?
  22. Who was 1st female opposition leader of senate? Sherry Rehman
  23. Global hunger Index report published by? International Food Policy Research Institute and Welthungerhilfe
  24. Maynmar leader Aung San Suu KYi stripped of from the title of ---- awarded?
  25. Name the Chinese President? Xi Jinping
  26. Taliban and US talks held in 2019 in which Country ? Moscow
  27. Sheikh of Dubai visited Pakistan after how many years? 12 Years
  28. How many polio cases reported in 2018? 9
  29. Which of the following is not renewable source of energy ?
  30. Earth Atmosphere has how many layers?  5
  31. Visible clouds of dust and gasses in space called? Nebula
  32. Ozone layer lies in which atmospheric layer? Stratosphere
  33. Tectonic plates are
  34. Mass of highly concentrated form is ? Energy
  35. Whole earth covered by __ ? Geo stationary satellites
  36. Height of ozone layer from earth is.......?
  37. 3.5% decimal
  38. Ratio between 100 gram and 4 kg
  39. 6 men trench a dig in 14 days and 4 men do same how many days
  40. 45 is of 900 which %
  41. 125 2/3 is
  42. X% of y is x/2 then Y is
  43. 1446 HCF is
  44. ------- you forget speech
  45. ------- she looks so beautiful
  46. The baby sleep ____ her coat
  47. You shall not succeed ____ you try hard
  48. Wait for Hina and ------
  49. He is here ____ is fortunate
  50. Here is my ant______ house is next to me
  51. The widow poisoned _____
  52. He brought new car ( simple, compound, complex)
  53. We must hurry, and i could not give him any thing
  54. The late worker will be punished.

If you remember questions asked in today's Custom Inspector paper Batch 6 from Basic Arithmetic, English, Pakistan Affairs and Every Day Science please share below in comments.

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