Inspector Inland Revenue FPSC Past Paper 2013 fully solved download pdf

Inspector Inland Revenue 2013 Past Paper will help in preparation of 492 posts  of IIR announced  by FPSC in August 2021. We have collected questions from the past papers which will be helpful in the preparation of test as per FPSC syllabus of Inspector Inland Revenue 2021. Following mcqs were asked in past papers of Inspector Inland Revenue FBR  2013. Download FPSC solved past paper Inspector Inland Revenue in pdf.

Past Paper of Inspector Inland Revenue 2013

Part 1 English 

A. Write the Synonyms  (words in closet in meaning) of the following given words

  1. Gracious (A) Pretty (B) Pleasant (C) Clever (D) Present
  2. Kin (A) twist (B) Exult (C) friend (D) Relative 
  3. Predict (A) fortell (B) decide (C) discover (D) Prevent
  4. detest (A) Argue (B) Hate (C) Discover (D) Reveal 
  5. Remote (A) Automatic (B) Distant (C) Savage (D) Mean

B.  Write the Antonyms ( words in most nearly the opposite of the word provided)

  1. Luminous (A) Clear (B) Dim (C) Brittle (D) Clever 
  2. Withdraw (A) reduce (B) need (C) advance (D) want
  3. Secret (A) Friendly (B) Covert (C) Hidden (D) Overt
  4. Heartfelt (A) Loving (B) Insincere (C) Unhealthy (D) Humorous 
  5. Impartial (A) Hostile (B) Biased (C) Dislike (D) Worried

C. Which is the correct option 

  1. Ali is afraid  _____ spiders.  (A) from (B) in (C) About (D) of
  2. We arrived _____ the station an hour late.  (A) About (B) In (C) at (D) of
  3. I am worried about the exam. (A) about (B) in (C) at (D) of 
  4. He looks upset, i think he took the criticism _____ heart. (A) to (B) in (C) About (D) of 
  5. I am envious ______them (A) of (B) in (C) about (D) on 
  6. He confided _____me. (A) about (B) in (C) on (D) of 
  7. They decided _____ the pink sofa . (A) about (B) on (C) of (D) in 
  8. She suffers ______ a heart disease. (A) about (B) in (C) from (D) on 
  9. I am good ____ tennis . (A) About (B) in (C) at (D) of 
  10. The teacher set some homework ______the end of the lesson. (A) about (B) in (C) of (D) at

Professional test (80 MCQs of 80 Marks)

  1. Taxable goods means all goods other than those which have been exempted under section  (A) 12 (B) 15 (C) 13 (D) 11 
  2. The goods specified in the Fifth Schedule shall be charged to tax at the rate of (A) 17% (B) 16 % (C) 19% (D) 0%
  3. Tax fraction means the amount worked out in accordance with the following formula . (A) 100+ a (B) 50+a (C) 150+A (D) None of these. 

Inspector Inland Revenue FBR Past Paper 2013

IIR FBR Past Paper 2013

Download Inspector Inland Revenue FBR past paper 2013 in PDF

Inspector Inland Revenue Federal Board of Revenue FPSC past Paers

Download FBR Inspector Inland Revenue Solved Past Paper in PDF (Click Here) .

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