492 Posts of Inspector Inland Revenue BPS-16 are announced by FPSC in FBR. The syllabus for the post of FPSC Inspector Inland Revenue FBR  has been announced . But while looking at the FPSC past papers of Inspector and previous Syllabus test will be of mcqs type and will carry 100 marks. Candidates who are appearing in FPSC test of  for the  first time are asking for how the Federal Board of Revenue Inspector IR paper 2021 will be.

FBR Inspector INLAND REVENUE Syllabus 2021

Latest Syllabus for the posts of Inspector Inland Revenue 2021 jobs has not been announced officially yet but as per previous and past papers following is the Syllabus and subject to change. Test will be objective type and having 100 Multiple Choice Questions MCQs : - 

Part 1 English 20 Marks

  • Grammar Usage
  • Sentence Structuring

Part 2 Professional Test 80 Marks

  • Functions of FBR
  • Fiscal Policy of Pakistan 
  • Tax Administration /Reforms in Pakistan
  • Salex Tax Act 1990 as amended upto July 2021
  • Federal Excise Act 2005 as amended upto July 2021
  • Income Tax Ordinance 2001 as amended upto June  2021 (Chapter III and Part IV of chapter X only) 


English Portion consists of

  • Grammar usage
  • Vocabulary
  • Composition
  • Sentence structuring .

FPSC Test for Inspector Inland Revenue in will contain 20 MCQs of 20 Marks from the English Portion. 

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Fiscal Policy of Pakistan

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Professional Test of Inspector Inland Revenue 

Following sections will be included in Inspector Inland Revenue Test in FBR which contains MCQs of equal weightage.

Functions of FBR

Functions of FBR may contain questions how the FBR functions and which taxes are being collected by Federal Board of Revenue related questions. There will be 16 MCQs in FBR Inspector Inland Revenue paper of 20 Marks

Fiscal Policy of Pakistan

Fiscal Policy of Pakistan syllabus for the post of Inspector IR will also includes important topics from this section. Fiscal Policy is presented each financial year by the finance division to fulfill the requirements as laid down under Section 6 of the Fiscal Responsibility and Debt Limitation Act 2005. It will also contain 15 MCQs from Fiscal Policy of Pakistan in inspector FPSC IR 2021 paper

Tax Administration /Reforms in Pakistan

Tax Administration /Reforms in Pakistan will also be part of MCQs of Professional Test carrying almost 16 MCQs of 16 Marks . It will include MCQs how and which type of taxes are collected and administered in Pakistan and which are brought in latest years to increase tax revenue such as establishment of Provincial tax authorities PRA, BRA and so on.

Sales Tax Act 1990 including amendments in 2021

Sales Tax Act 1990 is one of the important topic for test preparation of Inspector Inland Revenue. MCQs from this part will also be included . You need to study Sales Tax Act 1990 in detail . 

Federal Excise Act 2005 as Amended upto July 2021

MCQs in inspector test in IR FBR will also include MCQs from Federal Excise Act 2005 . You need to study Federal Excise Act in Detail to cover all the mcqs from this section

Income Tax Ordinance 2001 as amended upto June 2021 (Chapter III and Part IV of chapter X only)

MCQs for the paper of Inspector IR will also contain questions from Income Tax Ordinance 2001. You need to know each and every thing about Income Tax Ordinance 2001. For better understanding go through all FPSC past papers. This section will also contain 16 MCQs as per given syllabus.


Inspector Inland Revenue FPSC Syllabus 2022

Inspector Inland Revenue FPSC Syllabus 2021

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