Patrol Officer today FPSC paper 29th April 2019 Batch 3

Patrol Officer today solved paper Batch 3 held on 29th April 2019 10:00 Am. Download today's FPSC past paper of Patrol Officer in National Highway and Motorway Police evening paper along with answer key.

Patrol Officer solved paper Batch 3

  1. Who is the current Chief justice Islamabad high court? Athar MinAllah
  2. Muammar Gaddafi died in which city of Libya? Sirte, Libya
  3. Total Faraiz of Hajj ? 3
  4. Which Planet is known as evening star? Venus
  5. MAO School founded in which year? 1875
  6. Earth Orbit Line is ......? Elliptical
  7. Which state has greater GDP? (A) Nigeria (B) South Africa
  8. Who is the current head of Al-Qaeda?
  9. Which state is not part of NATO? (A) Austria (B) France (C) Turkey (D) None of these
  10. Yousuf Raz Gilani became Prime Minister of Pakistan on which date ? 25th March 2008
  11. Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan when first Martial law imposed?
  12. First ashra of ramzan?  (A) Rehmat  (B) Barka  (C) Astagfar
  13.  24th amendment in 1973 constitution of Pakistan was related to what  ? Adjustment of Seats in Parliament after Census of 2017
  14. 9-Hajr aswad is ....? (A) Red stone (B)  Black stone (C)  White Stone
  15. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad( PBUH) sacrificed how many camels at the occasion of Hajj?  (A) 63  (B) 73  (C) 83 (D) None of these
  16. In which Hijri Year Hajj became obligatory? 9th Hijri
  17. How many types of Hajj?
  18. What is the meant  by sa'am ? (A) To stop  (B) To run
  19. What is the meaning of Tarawa?
  20. When did British started ruling sub continent?
  21. Last British act? 1935
  22. Which act provided Provincial Autonomy during British era?
  23. Hexa decimal have base? 16
  24. Watery Planet ? Earth
  25. Which planet is known as Evening planet? Venus
  26. Which country is trying to get control on the Tajikistan's airport? (A) China (B) India (C) USA (D) None of the Above.
  27. RAM is also known as ? Primary Memory
  28. RAM is subdivided into ..... ?
  29. Which is the third largest planet ? Uranus
  30. Angela Merkel selected as chancellor for ____? 4th
  31. What is meant by Hajr-e-Aswad? Black Stone
  32. What is meant by Soum? To Stop
  33. Orange Revolution took place in which Country? Ukraine

If you remember questions asked in today's Patrol Officer paper Batch 3 from Basic Arithmetic, English, Pakistan Affairs and Every Day Science please share below in comments.

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