General Science and Ability MCQS Set 5 for the Preparation of civil service  exams. Download General Knowledge MCQs 2017 with Answers in PDF . 

1. Which country is known as the Garbage of Europe?
(A) Turkey
(B) Greece
(C) Poland
(D) None of the Above.

2.  Which city of Pakistan is known as the Manchester of Pakistan?
(A)  Lahore
(B)  Sialkot
(C)  Faisalabad
(D)  Islamabad

3. Which Country is known as the tear of India?
(A) Kashmir
(B) Nepal
(C) Benglaru
(D) Sri Lanka

4. Which city is known as the big apple of U.S.A?.
(A) Washington
(B) New York
(C) Miami
(D) None of the Above.

5. Which country is known as the sick man of Europe?
(A) Poland
(B) Norway
(C) Belgium
(D) Turkey

6. Which country is known as Cockpit of Europe?
(A) Norway
(B) Belgium
(C) Poland
(D) All of the above.

7. Which country is known as Uncle Sam?
(A) United Kingdom
(B) United States
(C) Canada
(D) France

8. Which Country is known as the land of the midnight Sun.
(A) Norway
(B) Switzerland
(C) Poland
(D) None of the Above

9. Which Country is known as the land of thousand Lakes ?
(A) Finland
(B) Japan
(C) North Korea
(D) South Korea

10. Which country is known as the nation of immigrants?
(A) Germany
(B) Pakistan
(C) United States of America
(D) None of the Above.

11. Which city of Pakistan is known as the city of Lights?
(A) Karachi
(B) Lahore 
(C) Islamabad
(D) Multan

12.  Which country appears as long shoe on the map of World?
(A)  Japan
(B)  Germany
(C)  Italy
(D)  None of the Above

13. Which city of India is known as the Silicon Valley?
(A) Kashmir
(B) Bangalore
(C) New Delhi
(D) Calcutta

14. Which Country is known as the land of Rising Sun?.
(A) South Korea
(B) North Korea
(C) Japan

15. Which country is known as roof of the World?
(A) Tibet
(B) Nepal
(C) Sri lanka
(D) None of These

Answers to General Knowledge  MCQs  Set-5

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. D
6. B
7. B
8. A
9. A
11. A
12. C
13. B
14. C
15. A

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