FPSC Past Paper of Inspector will help in preparation for the 44 posts of FIA Inspector announced by FPSC in March 2023. We have collected questions mcqs of Current Affairs, English, General Science and Ability , Basic Arithmetic and other sections from the original past papers of Inspector FIA which will be helpful in preparation of the test according to syllabus Inspector FIA 2023 . Download FPSC solved past paper of FIA Inspector in PDF:-

Past Paper of Inspector FIA held 

Inspector FIA Solved Past Papers 2019 

Inspector Investigation Past Paper 2019 Batch 1 (06-01-2019) 

Inspector Investigation Paper Batch 2 ( 06-01-2019)

Inspector FIA Solved Past Paper Batch 3 (07-01-2019)

Inspector FIA Solved Past Paper Batch 4 2019 Evening ( 07-01-2019)

Inspector Investigation Past Paper Batch 5 8th January 2019 ( 08-01-2019) 

Inspector FIA Past Paper Batch 6 ( 08-01-2019) 

FIA Inspector Investigation Past paper Batch 7 (09-01-2019)

FIA Inspector Investigation Past Paper Batch 8 (10-01-2019)

Inspector Federal Investigation Solved past paper Batch 9 ( 10-01-2019)

Federal Investigation Agency Inspector Past papers Batch 10 ( 10-01-2019)

 Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Past Papers 2020

Inspector paper 2020 Batch 1 Morning ( 04-01-2020)

Inspector Paper 2020 Batch 2 Evening (04-01-2020 02:00 PM) 

FIA Past Paper 2021

FIA past Paper 2022 

Download FIA Inspector Past Paper 2018 (Click Here) or Read below online

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