Punjab Public Service Commission has announced 68 Posts of Assistant Director in September  . PPSC has followed the following pattern in AD Past Papers. AD test will be based on MCQs type test as per syllabus of Assistant Director. PPSC will hold the test on 21st October 2018 .

Assistant Director MCQs Test Preparation

Prepare you AD Test according to the given below syllabus:

Multiple Choice Questions MCQS Type Test

Test will be mcqs type test and will have following sections in the paper as per syllabus. Go through the past papers of AD for understanding the paper pattern and latest paper of Junior Clerk held on 14th October 2018 of PPSC:-

Assistant Director Local Governent Solved Paper 2017

AD Local Government Solved Paper 2013

Junior Clerk Lahore High Court Past Paper of PPSC held on 14th October 2018

Part 1 English 20 Marks


Part 1 is the English Portion and will carry 20 marks. English Portion may consist of English vocabulary, composition and sentence structuring .

English MCQs on Prepositions

Part 2 General Ability Test (80 Marks)

Part 2 will contain Basic Mathematics, Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies, Every Day Science, Computer Science(Equal weight age for each section of Par 2)

Current Affairs

PPSC tests also contain Current affairs MCQs . Candidates should remain in touch with latest news , International Affairs , Sports ( cricket, football, tennis) Technology and Personalities. AD tests conducted by PPSC contain a Major portion of Current Affairs and General Knowledge . We are preparing MCQs for all the important events and on daily basis and tried to cover all the topics. Check them below

Current Affairs MCQs Sets

Current Affairs of Pakistan MCQs 2018 Book in PDF Free Download for AD Local Government

Current Affairs MCQs 2017 PDF Book 1

Current Affairs MCQs 2017 PDF Book 2

General Science and Ability (General Knowledge MCQs )

Assistant Director test will  also contain General Knowledge MCQs Question. This MCQs portion will include General Science and Ability Questions, History of Pakistan , 1st in Pakistan other section. Here are the some important MCQs of General Science and ability Section for the the preparation of Test for competitive Exams.

MCQs on Vitamins with Answers (Most Important)

World Famous Airlines of the World MCQs with Answers

Important Intelligence Agencies of The World MCQs

Important News Agencies of the World MCQs

General Knowledge on Geography

General Knowledge Questions with Answers About New Islamabad International Air Port

General Knowledge About Pakistan with Answers MCQs Set

First in Pakistan MCQs with Answers MCQs Set

Key Facts about UN Questions with Answers

General Knowledge MCQs Set 1

Everyday Science MCQs Set 2

Every Day Science General Science and Ablity MCQs Set 3

General Science and Ability MCQs Set 4

Pakistan Studies & Islamic Studies

Pakistan Affairs Islamic Studies is also included in the syllabus so it will also include MCQs from Islamiat and Pakistan Studies

Islamiat MCQs Set 1 With Answers for AD Local Government

Islamiat MCQs Set 2 with Answers

Islamiat MCQs Set 3 with Answers

Islamic Studies MCQs Set 4 with Answers

Islamic Studies MCQs Set 5

Basic Mathematics

Basic Arithmetic is also included in syllabus for the post of AD  and may contain questions related to mathematics such as percentage, Average, Ratios, Age related questions, Distance and Time Questions , Areas of Squares and Rectangles and other mathematics related questions.

Basic Arithmetic Sample Questions for AD Local Government Test 2018


Urdu MCQs for the post of ETI may contain questions related to Urdu Poets such as Allama Iqbal , Ghalib , Mir Taqi Mir etc, their poetry books and their life . Please go through past paper for Urdu related MCQs for understanding

Computer Science

As per syllabus AD test will also contain MCQs from Fundamentals of Computer, Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point. We have prepared some sample questions on Computer MCQs for the preparation of Jobs Test 2018

Fundamentals of Computers MCQs Set 1

Fundamentals of Computer MCQs Set 2

MS Office MCQs Set 1

MS Word MCQs Set with Answers

MS Excel MCQs Set with Answers

For preparation of PPSC test you should go through the past papers of PPSC for various post .


Disclaimer : Above mentioned MCQs sets and books are prepared to facilitate the candidates who are going to appear in any test . Every effort has been made to make the mcqs mistake free. We don't take the responsibility for errors and these MCQs will only serve as Model Paper or Sample Paper. We don't represent any Public Service Commission nor any Test Service . These MCQs are shared by group of people in the forum to help others in good faith .

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