Prepare AD Intelligence Bureau FPSC Test Online . Before starting preparation for any FPSC test you should look at the syllabus of the said post . FPSC has also announced the syllabus of FPSC test for the post of AD in Intelligence Bureau in past. When some one has the syllabus in his hand then it is easy to prepare for any test. FPSC test for the post of AD will contain following sections and set of questions .

First portion will be of the English . Second one may contain Every Day Science or General Knowledge questions , Third portion may contain Current Affairs and fourth section will contain Islamic Studies and Pakistan Affairs. Past papers of FPSC test will also help you in the preparation of AD IB posts test conducted by Federal Public Service Commission. FPSC has followed the previous papers in conducting tests for the post of Assistant Director in Intelligence Bureau. Current Affairs are the latest happening in the country and around around globe contain latest news , sports etc of at least four months old . General Science and ability topics especially The Universe, Vitamins , Atmosphere . Basic Arithmetic is also the part of Paper which includes questions related to basic mathematics such as series questions , questions on ages and time. Average , Profit Loss, Percentage. You can also get help from FPSC past papers because past papers of  FPSC are on similar pattern , the questions may be repeated in FPSC test . Each portion will be divided with equal marks . 

These set of MCQs for preparation of AD Intelligence Bureau contain General Science and ability Questions, General Knowledge Questions , Current Affairs MCQs . We hope that this quiz will help you a lot in preparation of all topic which may be asked in the FPSC paper of Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau. Don't forget to share it with your friends . Following are the online tests available for preparation of AD Intelligence Bureau FPSC test. 

General Knowledge  MCQs Online Test for AD Intelligence Bureau 

General Knowledge About Pakistan MCQs set 1
General Knowledge MCQs Set 2
General Knowledge MCQs Set 3
General Knowledge MCQS Set 4
General Knowledge MCQs Set 5
General Knowledge MCQs Set 6

Current Affairs MCQs Online Test for AD Intelligence Bureau 

Current Affaris MCQs 2017 Book PDF Free Downoad
Current Affaris MCQs Set 1
Current Affaris MCQs Set 2
Current Affaris MCQs Set 3
Current Affaris MCQs Set 4
Current Affaris MCQs Set 5
Current Affaris MCQs Set 6
Current Affaris MCQs Set 7
Current Affaris MCQs Set 8
Current Affaris MCQs Set 9
Current Affaris MCQs Set 10
Current Affaris MCQs Set 11
Current Affaris MCQs Set 12
Current Affaris MCQs Set 13
Current Affaris MCQs Set 14
Current Affaris MCQs Set 15
Current Affaris MCQs Set 16 CPEC

Basic Arithmetic  MCQs test of FPSC for AD IB

Basic Arithmetic MCQs Online Test 1 

Islamiat  MCQs test of FPSC for AD IB

Islamic Studies MCQs Online Test 1 
Islamic Studies MCQs Online Test 2

General Science and Ability Online MCQs test of FPSC for AD IB

General Science and Ability Questions contain two portions . One is general science and other section of basic arithmetic and analytical section. General Science section includes questions about the Universe, Environment, Human Body .
General Science and Ability MCQs Online Test 1 
General Science and Ability MCQs Online Test 2


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